There has been a time when a great Urdu poet had said-“If there is heaven on Earth, it is here” for Valley of Kashmir. Heavenly serenity of Jammu and Kashmir has attracted connoisseurs from all over world. Everything way all right until the destruction crept into the valley to devastate the present and the future of the residents. Jammu Kashmir news has been shaking the whole nation and world with its stories of destruction writ by terrorist activities of Pakistan. People of Kashmir are living too far away from the regular lifestyle news we get. They still have to learn about a life of peace not silence after bombardment. On the other hand, Pakistan News Headlines has already received humongous attention from the world as it is carrying the weight of being terrorist nation or nation on the verge of war. Though Pakistan has always been denying charges of terrorism (even after the evidences filed) but the internal state of restlessness is not a secret to anyone.

The state in which Pakistan has reached it has been critically analyzed by various elites in academic and economic field. They include people of distinguished reputation some of them are from Pakistan itself but not a resident of this country anymore. Nations like America know what Pakistan has been up to and what has become of it though they might not give credence to the facts and evidences. Pakistan News Headlines betray the sign of real scenes going underneath the façade of Politics. All analysis and awareness will come to naught if whole world together could not save Kashmir, Pakistan and humanity as a whole from violence.

As far as J&K is there to be dealt by Indians alone with no violence, destruction or vandalism we can bring this state back on track of development. We could expect Jammu Kashmir news to be more inclusive of greenery and lush beauty for what it was known for an eternity. Lifestyle news coming from this state should be more like the rest of the nation, motivating and heartening. We can hope this is not a dream for long.

Every thing seems irrelevant when people around world are happy and gay. Pakistan News Headlines may be a representation of bleak history and not-so-promising future but hopes can’t be let down. As Indians we are aware that Jammu Kashmir News would not change until Pakistan would not change its course of actions and its history. We have our fingers crossed that lifestyle news will bring the health and lively future to rest this state.

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