During this summer, I was given the opportunity and an invitation to move beyond my mental constructs. A mind, which I manage to keep empty most of the time, that was still filled with intellectual reasons, obligations and long dissertations to rationalize whatever I thought was or should be. As I let go of my mental constructs and additional faces of my ego, I found myself connecting the dots which revealed a picture of our society...that to be perfectly honest made me very sad. I saw the full picture and it was a reflection of a society that has been built on the complete opposite of anything I know to be true or necessary...FEAR and Control.

This is the pandemic disEASE, not the war on terrorism, the financial crisis, the swine flu, global warming...these are the catalysts that perpetuate FEAR. They have been co-created by many people on this planet to keep this world in a place of control. I personally felt in certain moments like I was on the titanic as I digested the series of events that have lead us to this point and time. In that moment, I had to make a choice, I asked myself, "Do I just go to the lower decks and rest in peace?" OR "Do I try to make it back to land? Would it be worth it?" Without really knowing where we are headed on this planet. I decided I would swim to shore. I would commit to what I know to be true for me and the only thing that I can count on no matter what...LOVE and my PEACE. With these two treasures in my heart, I was able to traverse through this period of time and accept the invitation we are being given. We are being invited to make a choice and are being provided with an opportunity. Are we going to tolerate, co-create and perpetuate this disEASE anymore? I ask all of you, "Are you ready to let go of the fear and control?"

If the answer is "YES". . .then we can take the first step together by stepping into our TRUTHS; which will enable us to live and embody nonviolence, truthfulness, integrity, non-attachment, simplicity, contentment, purification, refinement, non-judgment and humility. We make the choice everyday to stay in truth when we speak, take action and form thoughts about ourselves, our soil and our society. It is within every moment that we have the opportunity to speak from our heart, act from our heart, and live from our heart or we can continue to support the one thing that potentially will destroy this human race....FEAR.

I can only share with you what has occurred for me as I decided to leave fear and control behind and stand in my Truth. It meant that I had to let go of all things that were not my truth which included my marriage, my business, new endeavors, resources, and relationships. As I let go I faced many moments of being uncomfortable in my heart and my mind but I managed and continue to breath through these moments. Ultimately, I feel FREE. I have embraced my nothingness and finally saw the face of humility. I have begun to embody it. This will allow me to walk forward in service with those whom I am to help with a full heart, a soft gaze and deep trust.

Again, I ask you, "Are you ready to live in TRUTH and IN LOVE? " If the answer is YES...then come together in community as a collective to support each other authentically and begin to transform this planet with Joy, Laughter, Playfulness, with the children leading this REVOLUTION.

YES it is this easy...LOVE + PEACE = Happiness

In Love to all of you!

Suzanne Toro