Who is Jantoin TheDon

Jantoin TheDon is also known as Jantoin Lamar Thompson. He is an artist, Producer, Engineer, Song Writer and Entrepreneur. He was born in Jan 1, 1974. He lives in Detroit, MI. Jantoin break from music around 2013 to make money. He retired around july 2014. Then is started trading on the foreign exchange market and binary options. He also sell detox products that promotes weight loss and a healthier lifestyle. He also published book on detox which is available on Amazon.

A Retired Life Brand

Jantoin Says that “A Retired life means if someone can help others make at least what they currently make but residual income then they can retire or at least they have options”

Jantoin retired from music in 2014. He likes the retired life and that’s why he mentors others to do the same. Jantoin says that you have options if you retired, you can start a business, you can trade or you can do what you want after retirement.

Other Works by Jantoin TheDon

A one men army Jantoin can do all of the given works perfectly.


He is an artist as he can create and make art. He engaged so many people with his art. People from all over the world know him as an artist.

Song Writer

He also has the skills of writing songs. He wrote too many songs in his career. He can write a professional song.

He has now 111k plus followers on his instagram just because of his unbelievable skills.


Jantoin can create a new business, bearing most of the risks and enjoying most of the rewards. He has an ability to bring good new ideas to market.

Other than that, he is an Engineer and also an Author. He published his book on Amazon in which he talks about various detox products that promote weight loss and a healthier lifestyle.

So if you are a retired person or thinking about retirement, you can get in touch with Jantoin he will help you and you should be his business partner in the future.

We are sharing his website link and his instagram link form which you can know more about him and you can get in touch with him.

Website link = http://www.jantointhedon.com/

Instagram link = https://www.instagram.com/jantoin_thedon/

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