Welcome to Shamanics in Portugal´s Journal. Our intention is to provide our readers, friends and connections with an overview of what is emerging in our much larger, ever evolving community as we bring balance between Father Sky and Mother Earth, and within ourselves.

As a ‘1’ Universal year, 2017 promises major changes, increased energy across the board on a worldwide scale, and new directions for many of us. This will be a year of technical breakthroughs and vast economic and political shifts. However, while those changes may be the focus of the news, the most significant transformation will be an unprecedented rise in global awareness concerning idealistic and spiritual matters.

For 2017 is the start of a new cycle of creativity, learning and growth. As such it is the moment to plant the seeds of intention for the forthcoming cycle – your deepest heartfelt desires, dreams and visions for every area of your life – relationships, health, finances, career, lifestyle, spirituality etc..

Because new beginnings are always turbulent, we have decided to increase the frequency of the Earth Spirit Journal to twice a month. Our intention is to align publication with the new and full moons. And, yes we are a little late with our first edition of 2017!

The Journal is also available on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI2-bD9mqTseIcfLvE3xgIg so you can listen to it as well as view some of the scenery where our events are held. To further assist you to stay in the flow of what is evolving, we make almost daily posts on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ShamanicsinPortugal/

As the first year in the new nine year cycle 2017 will expose much that was hidden. Diminishing the power of the large, passing it to the small, ourselves. As such it begins a process of shifting responsibility.

It is likely we will all wrestle during the year with the notion of authority, in tandem with power and freedom – i.e. we are being called on to claim more of them! Each of us will be seeking to bring balance between our feminine and masculine energies.

How these changes affect you as an individual depends in large part on your personal cycles. This will require creative approaches to building life creating relationships, in all their different aspects.

On the 12th we enjoyed the magnificent bright full “wolf” moon. This took place under a rare planetary configuration, sparking intense inner-awakening...

And giving you one final opportunity to release any negative habits, fears or energies from the past nine years that are holding you back from moving confidently into the new “1” Universal Year.

Everything in your life is about to shift... So a good moment to witness and deepen your appreciation of the wholeness of life and listen to your deepest, unconscious soul stirrings. Check in to all of Nature for the support that surrounds us.

A moment to feel our feelings, and give thanks for being here at this moment!

We are now in a position where all planets in our solar systems are in direct motion. Meaning until mid-February there are no retrogrades. We can derive great energy from these planetary positions, enabling us to do more than move forward – do so consciously!

One Spirit Work

Wondering where you are heading? A moment to Quest perhaps? The first Vision Quest of 2017 is planned for 23rd to 26th March around the equinox: more information here http://shamanicsinportugal.com/product/your-vision-quest-in-portugal/. There will be a half day Introduction to Shamanic Journeying on the morning of 23rd March followed in the afternoon by the Vision Quest.

The early bird discount of €60 is only available until midnight on 31st January. A copy of our All About Fire workbook will be provided to all who book.

If you feel the need for deep intense one-on-one coaching, email us at shamanicsinportugal@gmail.com. Skype or similar is available.


Until 7th February there is an emphasis on successful communication. Particularly, in relation to presenting our transformational concepts, theories and ideas. Encouraging us to pursue our own mastery as we help each other be more masterful.

Until 5th April we are in a very active phase of seeking a renewed connection to the inner self. Hence the greater visibility of meditation, mindfulness and therapies or coaching to help bring people into an anchored state of living from the inner self.

Until 1st March there is also encouragement to focus on what is important to each of us individually. Which means many will be instinctively looking for support, even if they do not know why!

So far in January have you enjoyed its sense of calm despite the new beginnings? This is because until the end of March there is a push to act in ways that are humane and even slow. Why slow? Because slow progress builds sustainable outcomes – another theme for 2017.

We all need this pace because we are looking for new ways of thinking, being and transforming our lifestyles. To make these sustainable we need firm, deep foundations not quick changes which will not last! This theme re-appears on several occasions during 2017, this first one finishing on 1st March.

On 19th January three alignments will assist us to gain shape and form to those parts of our vision which have been hidden; address those overlooked details or unfinished business which needs attention before we can progress; and innovation will be more important than following convention.

The new moon on 27th January heralds the arrival of the year of the Fire Rooster. Roosters are creatures of habit, rising to crow at the crack of dawn. Meaning earlier to bed so you can wake up early for your daily practice such as yoga! Eating healthier foods and ‘saving’ are also part of the Rooster year.

Author's Bio: 

Besides creating and running http://creatingharmonyinyourlife.com/ Gregory Reece-Smith, the author of this article, is also the main guide with Shamanics in Portugal. You can visit the team's facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/ShamanicsinPortugal, and their website at http://shamanicsinportugal.com/

Gregory is an experienced transformation facilitator, both within organisations and with individuals. As well as coaching, he conducts workshops at various locations around the world allowing participants to gain experience of how to effect a shift and bring greater clarity in their lives. Gregory´s first book 'The Seven Secrets to Living in Harmony – A Guide to Freeing YOU to Create YOUR Life', was published by Divine Time Books and is currently available via Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/b00reowcry