Three days after the earthquake and tsunami creepy in Japan, the Tokyo governor Shintaro Ishihara stated: "The identity of Japanese people is characterized by selfishness. It would be nice to make good use of this tsunami to wash and I am convinced that the cataclysm was a punishment from heaven "... The next day had to apologize for his awkward statement. But beyond the controversy, his words have some meaning.

In the previous note he spoke of the most notorious of the letter of the event and made a preamble to the slow planets aspects: Saturn, Pluto and Uranus, which for a while cause changes in the world.

Now continue with the addition of other planets "generational" or "transpersonal", affecting the group and then delve into the letter of 11 March Sendai.

Japan moves the world and wakes; these are some of the sense of the tragedy.

The world is in full swing

We could make several notes with the title, but here we summarize the change in the insert which is made this painful world.

In early February 2011 Chiron entered Pisces. This asteroid represents emotional wounds and until we all carry natural healing to that area where we are moved because we know the pain of which he speaks. Chiron will push us to feel the pain of humanity, empathize with collective wounds like this: a great destruction and great mourning that shake us, lead us to put ourselves in the place of the Japanese who, incidentally, are urging us to open our hearts to compassion and deep love. In addition, Chiron's hand sails Neptune, Ruler of Pisces and the planet that opens us to transcendence and connects us with the collective unconscious.

For its part, Saturn in Libra since the end of 2009 and until late 2012, has questioned the way we relate the share of harmony in our lives and sense of justice. Saturn teaches us down hard, with restrictions, with great learning, with breaks, with fears that are triggered by the mere idea of leaving something familiar. And here we are all experiencing a great uncertainty, checking, cleaning and new construction of our links. Japan becomes an icon that makes us reflect. The idea is that we all grow up, get out lighter and wise of the cycle to start one. There is still time, remember and act, as Saturn did not have time to wait, he obliges.

Before we talk about Pluto in Capricorn and deep transformation of Earth with all that it governs: plates, mountains, money, natural resources, labor, economies and ambitions. Therefore, Pluto, that is just beginning its adventures in this sign, wants us to live these areas with greater purity, to change the way we live it materially and that, as we said in the notes 2011 Predictions- Includes care at Metro and the abysmal economic inequalities that so far generated.

A good cocktail that changes is compounded by the great actor Uranus. We said that it came this March 11Pisces, (water) and entered Aries (fire). Uranus gave a great gasp of the ocean, we suddenly remembered-in style-that all are one, Which affects us all, or perhaps the wave of the tsunami warning was not in dozens of countries?, Or is that millions of people do not feel fear and pain worldwide?

And the next day entered the Aries, at which time the alert activated to nuclear (fire) due to overheating of the plants. Uranus, planet libertarian, cutting edge, visionary, explosive, he shouts: are you sure that nuclear energy is sound? Are you sure that the technology we developed is good for us? And he laughs out loud, because the irony is your thing. But this is not just punishment and said the governor of Tokyo, Uranus is known as the wake-up call; what happened in Japan is a wake-up call and a jolt to our comfort and the very human arrogance to believe that because we moderns have everything under control. No.

Uranus shakes us and announces the arrival of large new cycle, because Aries the first sign of the zodiac will be a way for all undertaking changes in our life and identity; to dare to throw Arian and free us from old rages, because this is the sign of the war and nothing more absurd and to fight. Not coincidentally at the same time of the earthquake in Japan, Libya’s conflict breaks out and that many of us seem archaic and unjustifiable form and substance. At least to a global consciousness has evolved.

If we continue with the analysis, we would say that the ascendant in Leo, the sign ruled by the Sun (large icon Japanese), represents the country itself and its environment: a nation proud of it, with dignity, friendly and self-centered (as any island). That Sun was in Pisces (ocean), together with Mars and Uranus, two planets explosives. These three, plus Mercury (communication) were in House 8, which governs the deaths, the profound changes and foreign trade relations.

The other strains of the letter puts Pluto in Capricorn from House 5 (social environments), square to Saturn in Libra in House 3 (media, transport, routes, official speeches and neighboring countries). When these two planets come together, there is always a degree of destruction and we saw that was high.

Pluto was also square to Jupiter in Aries, the planet of expansion, search, order, justice and confidence in the House 9 (spirituality, boating, water travel environments, sea or land). Therefore, it appears a powerful and deeperself-transformation, where the meaning of life versus individualism (cold or success) will draw sparks. This aspect showsfor the entire world something that happens, then strain and also cleaned the occult and what is broken (Pluto) with the deeper purpose of life, the injustice, wealth (Jupiter). This point is interesting because a few days of the disaster, the powerful mafias Nipponese (Pluto) rather than continue in their dark affairs, for the first time aided victims; trasforming (Pluto again) in a real organization benefactor (Jupiter), to support their country.

For its part, Luna (The people) in Gemini (information) in the House 10 shows some characteristic of the Japanese idiosyncrasies: his subject with the reputation, honor and success, as the tenth house of astrology governs these issues. It is known that Japan has a dismal record of suicides worldwide for this item. And the moon is in tension with Neptune, God of the sea, ruler of the deep emotions and intuitions and material losses due to carelessness. This was in the seventh house, instead of closer ties and international relations.

How all this will end pain and destruction? This is perhaps the best part of this disaster, as with the House 4 (which shows the end) in Scorpio; there will be a deep regeneration. Pluto, the ruler of this sign will finish clean up old ideas and injustices step by step and solid form. And the hand of Mars, who is in good appearance, will bring the best of the Japanese force to make the reconstruction as a battle, but this time is much spiritual, inclusive, imaginative and attuned to the ocean because Mars energetic guy, initiative and horoscope warrior, is also in Pisces and from there fight with other weapons. Japan and the world, then we can make this a collective crusade to not only raise the infrastructure of a country, but also our sensitivity Ideal, and help the weak and new perception of nature.

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