There have been false implications in the financial industry for years where people disguised themselves as financial advisors, but in reality, are brokers in disguise, wolves in sheep’s clothing. They are known for putting the interests of their employers and themselves well above the interest of the clients they serve. 

The bellow are the highlights of the Interview with Insights Success a Best Business Magazine.

Departing himself from such traits and system, Jared Tanimoto,

a Certified Financial Planner®, started his financial firm, Ascent Wealth Advisors, a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firm, in 2017, utterly focused on client-first approach.
Before stepping into his entrepreneurial drive, Jared worked with several large wealth management firms and time at a private hedge fund that managed the money of some of the wealthiest families in the country.

As the Founder and President of Ascent Wealth Advisors, Jared helps people prepare for retirement, families navigate retirement, and achieve financial clarity by implementing a unique and custom-tailored financial planning process combined with institutional quality wealth management. 

Jared aims to help as many individuals obtain their financial goals and positively impact other advisors and planners in the financial industry. He advises budding and upcoming leaders and entrepreneurs to do the right thing for clients 100% of the time, and everything else will fall into place.

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