Hollywood actor Jason Statham and former angel of Victoria's Secret - supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley finally decided to legalize their relationship and will soon have a wedding, The Tribune World says.

Earlier it was reported that the couple was going to arrange a wedding ceremony on the eve of the New Year, however, Rosie refuted this information, saying that it would be nice to start their joint child with Jason. Recall that the couple brings up one year old son Jack.

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Note that Statham made his beloved proposal back in 2017, but the celebration had to be postponed due to the pregnancy of the bride. Sources close to the beloved report that the model and the hero of the militants were waiting for their son to be married. The child was growing up, and the pair did not go to the altar, and now it is clear why.

In a conversation with journalists from Harpers Bazaar, Rosie admitted that 54-year-old supermodel El Macpherson had advised her not to rush things. A friend said that after giving birth, there should be a short pause in order to get used to the new status of mother and get in shape.

Interestingly, the bride of Statham was really complex because of her figure after the pregnancy, so she hired a personal trainer and started dancing. 31-year-old bride advised the girls to look for those activities that give them pleasure and do not harm the body.

"I think I felt pressure, but more from myself than from someone else. I am not one of those who love extreme diets, so it took some time to restore form, and now I began to feel more comfortable," - said Rosie.

Note that the complexes and the “imperfect figures” did not prevent Rosie from entering the list of the highest-paid models of 2018. After a long struggle with calories, the former angel Victoria's Secret decided that she was ready to try on the white dress of the bride.

A source from the inner circle of one of the most beautiful star couples claims that the wedding should be. And it will happen, as planned - during the New Year holidays. It remains a mystery who became the designer of a wedding dress for the supermodel that was built.

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