Java Tutorial or Java Programming Tutorial is a broadly used strong innovation. Let's start learning Java from basic questions like what is Java instructional exercise, Core Java, where it is utilized, what type of applications are made in Java, why utilize Java and Java stages and so on. Our Java tutorial helps you to learn Java with easy and simple examples.

What is Java?
Java is a programming language and a platform.
Java is a high level, secured and object-oriented programming language.
Platform: Any equipment or programming condition in which a program runs is known as a platform. Since Java has its own particular runtime condition (JRE) and API, it is called platform.

Where is it utilized?
As per Sun, 3 billion gadgets run Java. There are numerous gadgets where Java is at present utilized. Some of them are as per the following:

1. Desktop Applications, for example, tumbler peruser, media player, antivirus and so forth.

2. Web Applications, for example,, and so on.

3. Enterprise Applications, for example, saving money applications.

4. Mobile

5. Embedded System

6. Smart Card

7. Robotics

8. Games etc;

Sorts of Java Applications
There are primarily 3 sorts of utilization that can be made utilizing java programming:

1) Web Application
An application that keeps running on the server side and makes a dynamic page, is called web application. Right now, servlet, jsp, swaggers; jsf and so on innovations are utilized for making web applications in Java.

2) Enterprise Application
An application that is dispersed in nature, for example, managing an account application and so forth. It has the upside of the abnormal state security, stack adjusting, and grouping. In Java, EJB is utilized for making endeavor applications.

3) Mobile Application
An application that is made for cell phones. Right now, Android and Java ME are utilized for making versatile applications.

Java Platforms/Editions
There are 4 stages or releases of Java:
1) Java SE (Java Standard Edition)
It is a Java programming stage. It incorporates Java programming APIs, for example, Java.lang,,, Java.util, java.sql, java.math and so forth. It incorporates center points like OOPs, String, Regex, Exception, Inner classes, Multithreading, I/O Stream, Networking, AWT, Swing, Java Training in Bangalore Reflection, Collection and so forth.

2) Java EE (Java Enterprise Edition)
It is an endeavor stage which is mostly used to create web and undertaking applications. It is based on the highest point of Java SE stage. It incorporates subjects like Servlet, JSP, Web Services, EJB, JPA and so on.

3) Java ME (Java Micro Edition)
It is a miniaturized scale stage which is mostly used to create portable applications.

4) JavaFX
It is utilized to create rich web applications. It utilizes light-weight UI API.

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