JCF Capital (now "JCF Capital Markets") recently made an announcement that it has acted as a financial consultant to Precise Real Estate Solutions, Inc, a Los Angeles which is a California based loan life cycle management platform for the real estate lending industry, in acquiring and closing out an additional $500,000 and $1M investments in regards to its Series A equity investment round which is worth $3M in total. Moreover, JCF Capital Markets earlier recognized a lead venture capital firm based in San Francisco, CA looking forward to early stage software as service investments and guided them to close an initial $1.5M investment. Also, the surplus funds worth $1,500,000 is going to be further utilized mainly to support all the business development and marketing teams to increase the customer based in a rapid manner.

PRES, under the leadership of its Founder and CEO, Yanir Ram, is a distinctive, patent-pending technology that offers a protected document management and workflow Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, which enforce a significantly reduction in the time duration to fund while minimizing errors and other issues common during the loan process and ultimately help in saving precious time, effort and resources of numerous lenders, processors and borrowers. It must be noticed that while being the first and most renowned loan life cycle management platform founded in September 2013 , PRES has made a big mark in the same domain, by collaborating with some of the Biggest institutional lenders in the Real Estate investor and commercial space.

About JCF Capital (now JCF Capital Markets LLC)

JCF Capital Markets LLC is a leading investment banking firm under the leadership of its Founder and CEO Mr. Justin C Floyd with their headquarters situated at La Jolla, CA and also a registered emissary of Tobin & Company Securities, LLC, a national broker dealer and member of FINRA, SIPC, Office of Supervisory Jurisdiction located at 112 South Tryon Street, Suite 1760, Charlotte, NC 28284.

JCF Capital Markets LLC is indulged in providing specialized services in capital management, consulting, and mergers and acquisition at competitive pricing. Additionally, JCF Capital Markets' core business functioning includes acting as a consulting authority on capital acquisition and M&A transactions while working as a broker dealer positioning the closure of the transactions in order to facilitate our client's hardcore efforts to come effectual in today's multifaceted capital markets. We act as a consulting and guiding authority to all the Initial stage to Strong positioned companies to offer appropriate packages based on various investment options to their targeted investors to give them hand on with bigger deliverables including debt and equity venture transactions, M&A, along with other new and already existent Funds like i.e., Hedge Funds, Private Equity Funds, Real Estate Funds, etc.

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As the leader of JCF Capital Markets, Justin provides executive management, finance, and business development services to a variety of clients including regional and national real estate developers, high-tech companies, and private equity, institutional, hedge fund, and angel capital firms.