Ever since Jeannie Mai formally declared her relation with rapper Jeezy last month, they need met positive additionally as negative reactions from the fans. The past comments, the important co-host created concerning Jeannie’s geological dating has really junction rectifier to a social media outrage once the couple went public. In a recent interview with massive Boy’s Neighborhood, Mai same that it her love for Jeezy that schooled her that she holds bound responsibilities towards her man. She any supplemental concerning her man to be self-examining, improbably deep, passionate, nice leader, visionary, and a tremendous servant for his community.

It has been a month currently that TV begin Jeannie Mai and Jezzy created their relationship official and have two-faced negative and positive comments. However, the forty years’ star is a lot of centered on flaunting catchy couple names as compared to any or all the negativity. She is considerate to point out folks that her relationship with the forty-one years’ rapper is over simply a stunt for PR or obtaining her into dissipation for being drawn to black men.


  • With a speech with the large Boy’s


With a speech with the large Boy’s Neighborhood with the women of the Real; she same that clearly after you marry, you marry for love. Even in my earlier wedding, I married for love. once feelings modification, folks grow apart and also the same happened to United States. For me, it's forever been specializing in what's love for the 2 kinsmen, two people. thus this half is a lot of a responsibility that we'll simply establish through our relationship.

Her co-hosts jumped in, Loni Love supplemental that they act as if he's the sole blackamoor out there; whereas Adrienne Houghton commented that everyone girl’s area unit equally into the interracial relationships and that they area unit representative of what number relationships appear as if in today’s fashionable society.

Adrienne conjointly same that we tend to do represent what the globe feels like however that the globe. everyone isn't oral communication the sole method I realize love as I realize it via my very own race however a lot of so we tend to live outside the box. She conjointly shared that nobody ought to hold the folks in boxes and should not lure our minds to assume within the box solely.


  • Acknowledging constant and continued talking


Acknowledging constant and continued talking concerning her relationship with the rapper, Jeannie supplemental that after you check out the word interracial, it ought to really be checked out as associate degree freewheeling. Jeannie Mai says its responsibility once one dates outside one’s race. One has got to study the culture as not everyone’s expertise remains to be constant.

She conjointly supplemental that whereas she is wanting forward to respecting his culture, constant applied to him to respect her Vietnamese-American culture. She explained that once he enters my house, he soars his shoes. He is aware of however Vietnamese jazz. once I met him, shared with him that I would like to travel to Hawkinsville Georgia. I asked him to point out Maine his yellow house wherever he grew up, started his business and the way did he perceive to earn a greenback. He did and that I really wanted everything.

Jeannie Mai exposes concerning her interracial relationship with rapper Jeezy, oral communication it's her responsibility to find out concerning his culture currently that they are one or two. While chatting with her co-hosts on The Real, Jeannie dove into the subject of her relationship with Jeezy, and what folks are oral communication concerning it. in step with the daytime talkshow host, several of their fans created comments concerning her taste in black men," and she or he was left questioning why it absolutely was such a haul.

Jeannie shares that her relationships don't admit however her partner appearance. Instead, love is her basis. constant method her past wedding was supported love, her option to date Jeezy is additionally alone out of affection for him. That’s one thing I’m still quite understanding as a result of I don’t see it. clearly after you marry you marry for love. Even in my past wedding, I married for love. Feelings modification, folks grow apart, so happened. For me, it’s simply specializing in what's love for 2 folks, 2 human beings? so half is quite a responsibility that we’re simply planning to have to be compelled to demonstrate through our relationship.

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