At the age of 22, Jessie Lee Ward, a post-graduate with top University honors, could not afford a $300 rent per month to live in her mother's basement. Her ten-hour a day job at a pathology lab did not help much to alleviate the situation. She was resolved to do something better, something bigger, and one fine day leaped towards party planning. She invested in a $299 starter kit (a huge amount for her at that time) from a company where she spent the next four years of her life. She led from the front and emerged as a top seller in that company. However, life had other plans for her.

Somewhere towards the end of 2015, Jessie Lee realized that she was not making enough money for the effort she was putting in. Enter the idea of network marketing. She started duplicating her work for a real network marketing company through compensation plans. She branched out to different industries and a little more than a year later, she had already tripled her income.

She did lose her job in the process, but that made her even more determined to succeed in the multi-level-marketing arena and yes, she did succeed. She developed her brand 'BossLee' and transformed herself into one of the smartest entrepreneurs of this decade. She turned her business into a unicorn.

The secret to her success, as Jessie Lee reveals, lay in the power and the reach of social media. She used Facebook groups to enlist people she met at the parties she organized before taking her business online full time. These customers raved about her services and tagged her in other groups and forums. Thus, her clientele began to grow.

Quite rapidly, when she took to full-time online marketing, she was able to build a team of about a thousand marketers, a team that is still going strong. With each recruit in her team, not only her brand expanded, but the income also grew manifold. She still keeps her passion for network marketing alive as she works with recruits to teach them how to build on their God-gifted talents of selling. Her belief is, everyone has some talent that they could benefit from if they have a hunger for success.

Network marketing is not without risks, though and Jessie Lee herself has gone through her share of bitterness. The biggest hindrance to growth comes in the form of people who lack commitment and passion. However, the benefits of multi-level marketing outweigh the initial fears of failure and reluctance.


Firstly, as Jessie Lee herself has experienced, in network marketing, you are your boss. You decide your working hours and do not have to deal with employees. Another great advantage of working through social media is that you come across a lot of like-minded people, something that is hard to find in traditional business. Lastly, and most importantly, there is no cap on how much you can earn. Jessie Lee herself is proof that by being serious about your work, you can earn in 6 figures a month straight out of your home.

A dog lover and a strong advocate of women empowerment, Jessie Lee Ward has already been featured in Networking Times and has delivered the keynote speech at a 'Go Pro' seminar. She urges everyone to try out network marketing. It is not only low-risk compared to traditional marketing, but is also a great way to emerge as a people's person. Jessie Lee advises anyone new to this to find the right mentor who would share their knowledge and passion for this business. She believes that anyone with the right attitude could level up to what she has achieved in an incredibly short time.

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