Jewellery design courses like jewellery design diploma and jewellery design certificate can be taken in about 3-6 months depending on the student’s time and devotion in the course. While some people may think that this span of time is not enough to study jewellery designing and build a solid foundation for a jewellery designing career, they can be proven wrong if the student knows how to squeeze the best opportunities in such a short time.

First, consider the lessons in jewellery design courses. Most institutions provide a course outline to guide prospective students. Are the subjects relevant or filled with unnecessary lessons? Even the most basic course like jewellery design certificate should be comprehensive enough to enable you to design and create your own jewellery at the end of the course. Compare it with longer courses such as jewellery design diploma and jewellery design advanced diploma and assess if you will need the additional lessons. Schools vary in curriculum so make sure you are getting every penny’s worth.

Second, diligently study the lessons and make time to practice designing or jewellery making. Jewellery design courses are only effective when students are motivated. Whether you are enrolled in jewellery design diploma or jewellery design certificate, you have to do your part to learn. Browse for useful materials other than what were given to you. Jewellery design courses require creativity as much as technical skills. Hence, enrich your imagination and get inspirations from jewellery design books or by studying jewellery pieces. Do not be afraid to tinker with tools and materials.

Lastly, find a mentor. Ask your jewellery design courses instructors for help if you need so. Even if it is an online jewellery design diploma or jewellery design certificate course, you will be surprised that your professor welcomes your questions and inputs. You can also apply as an apprentice under skilled craftsmen or jewellery designers. Do not fret even if you are tasked to start in the polishing room because even some of the most notable jewellery designers start from the ranks and actually value such experience.

Jewellery design courses are practical courses so take time to work with your hands. Develop your eye for details and be patient. Remember that while it may take only a quarter or half of a year to complete jewellery design certificate or jewellery design diploma, learning should continue.

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