Archeologists have uncovered jewelry that dates back over one-hundred thousand years. How do we define jewelry? Well, it isn’t as easy as you might think. According to the experts, items such as belts and handbags do not count as jewelry. Rather, they are accessories. An accessory is an item that has a basic function, while jewelry has no other purpose beyond decoration.

Primitive jewelry was fashioned from basic natural materials like shells, bones, animal teeth, stone and wood. Thousands of years later when man discovered precious stones and metals, jewelry became an easy and effective way to store and display wealth. As a general rule, the more important the person, the more jewelry they would wear, irrespective of gender.

Necklaces, brooches, bracelets, rings and watches have been popular pieces of jewelry for hundreds of years. The price of a particular item depends on the rarity of the metals or stones that are used and the artistry of the jeweler that creates it.

In modern times, jewelry is prized for its decorative and symbolic value. For the average person, expensive jewelry is purchased to commemorate a special occasion or event. Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, marriages and religious ceremonies are the most popular times to give the gift of jewelry.

Is jewelry treasured for its monetary or its sentimental value? That is a difficult question to answer. But we would have to say that both are important and ultimately inseparable factors. A piece of jewelry is special because it is a rare and valuable representation of faith and love.

How do we keep our jewelry safe? The average woman spends about fifteen hundred dollars a year on jewelry for herself. And depending on her situation, i.e., whether or not she is married or involved, she may receive far more than that from her partner. In the rest of this article we will review the best and most effective way to store jewelry in your home.

For most women, their jewelry collection is the most expensive thing they own, other than their automobile. So naturally they want to protect it. But they don’t want to have to go to a safety deposit box every time they dress up. That is where a basic jewelry organizer can be useful.

As every woman knows, there are two basic types of jewelry: everyday ornaments and those that are only wore on special occasions. The average woman wears between two and four pieces of jewelry a day. Together with her outfit, these pieces total around fifteen hundred dollars. This jewelry is what we might call quotidian or everyday accessories.

Because these pieces are worn with great frequency, there is a good chance that they may be lost or misplaced. Really, just about every woman has lost a pair of hundred dollar earring in her time. More often than not, these everyday pieces are lost because their owners don’t have a place to store them. So, they take them off and put them in a different place every day. Perhaps on the dresser, or on the nightstand, or on the bathroom counter. And before they know it, they’re gone!

What these women desperately need is a jewelry organizer. Believe it or not, there are more than a dozen different types of organizers on the market today. In the next few paragraphs, we will focus on the three most popular kinds.

The first and most important question you must answer before you purchase an organizer is whether you need it to be portable. If you travel quite a bit, a jewelry organizer bag is probably your best bet. These bags look and feel like fashionable handbags, so no one will suspect you are carrying a few thousand dollars of jewelry in them. On the inside, however, a series of compartments for storing earring, necklaces, rings and bracelets have been sewn into the lining.

The upright jewelry valet is easily the most popular organizer for the home. This standard jewelry box is designed to sit atop a dresser or vanity and should accommodate even the most impressive of collections. While the size and dimensions will vary from model to model, most jewelry valets contain four to six drawers for earrings, bracelets, broaches and rings. There should also be two swinging doors with hooks on which to hang your necklaces. We recommend a jewelry valet that comes with a lock and key.

Probably the most convenient option for women who love their quotidian jewelry is the hanging bracelet and necklace organizer. This organizer has a built-in hanger along with dozens of loops on which to hook bracelets and necklaces. It is a durable and affordable solution that can be stored in any closet for quick and easy access. It is also travel safe and can be stowed as a carryon, just like the average garment bag.

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