Obsessed with accessories? After jewelry fever strikes, collections can go from zero to overwhelming in the blink of an eye. If your collection falls in the latter category, organization is a must. Without the right jewelry organizer, you can easily lose pieces. Also, jewelry casualties can result from improperly-organized accessories. Often –especially with necklaces—they become so intertwined, they must be sacrificed to the jewelry gods. Jewelry organizers are the perfect way to keep your favorite accessories safe and tidy. With so many fabulous options, there’s bound to be one that perfectly suits your needs.

Over Door Jewelry Organizer

This powder-coated, steel organizer is great for those who are short on space. Hang it over the door or mount it on the wall to keep jewelry well-organized and out of the way. The smart design allows you to easily organize over 300 pieces. You’ll have your entire collection at a glance, saving you time and frustration. Keep over 50 rings, 75 bracelets/watches and earring pairs and 100 necklaces clearly on display.

Over Door Mirror Armoire

Naturally, having a mirror close by is mandatory when trying on jewelry looks. This pretty over-the-door choice not only keeps all your treasures together, but features a full-length mirror, as well. Offers about the same storage capacity as the Overdoor Jewelry Organizer, but also has 12 compartments for all those little things. There’s also a smaller mirror mounted inside the case, allowing you to view your options without the need to shut the door. Don’t worry if you happen to shut the door too hard; all glass on this organizer is conveniently shatterproof.

Oak Mirror Jewelry Organizer

This clever organizer also makes a nice home décor accent. Gorgeous oak frame crowned with a carved appliqué gives it a warm, antique touch. Mount this pretty armoire on your wall and keep your jewelry expertly organized inside, under lock and key. Organizational features include hooks, rods, compartments and more. Great for the bedroom or walk-in closet.

Pearl White Jewelry Organizer

This luxurious piece screams old Hollywood. Glamorous, pearl white box is the ultimate accessory for glamour gals with plenty of baubles. Large box features mirrored lid, a spacious open tray and two large drawers. Handy tray for earrings and rings lifts automatically to reveal eight equally-sized compartments. A statement piece in itself, this fancy organizer is fully lined in rich, hand-sueded fabric worthy of Ms. Marilyn Monroe herself. And if your jewelry is as expensive as Monroe’s was, you’ll appreciate the silver tone lock and key.

5 Drawer Oak Jewelry Organizer

Huge collection? All over the place? Look no further. Find organizational salvation in this roomy jewelry box. Handsome cherry wood houses a wonder of tidiness inside. Two long ring rolls and abundant compartments with varying size zones keep smaller items together safely. Four spacious drawers provide ample storage for bracelets and watches. Double doors swing open to reveal multiple hooks and pockets for necklaces and bracelets. Fully lined and well-constructed, this is a box you’ll use for years on end.

White Musical Jewelry Organizer

Nostalgic, feminine and practical; this box has it all. If you miss that ballerina jewelry box you had as a child, this is your new jewelry storage choice. Keep all your pretty stuff together while listening to the melody of “Magic Flute”. Lift the lid, and the music plays. Certain to evoke fond memories. Women of all ages will appreciate this white, hand-lined organizer for its beauty and its usefulness. Double doors, ring rolls, three drawers and compartments galore.

Acrylic Necklace Tower

Are your necklaces competing for room in your jewelry box? As you know, they need to stretch to stay safe. Stashing them in a drawer is a risky choice. Within minutes, they can wind up hopelessly fused with every other type of piece surrounding them. Why not give them their own house? This smarty, modern organizer keeps all your treasured necklaces together in tangle-free bliss. Clear, acrylic construction makes finding what you need quick and easy. Twirl the 12-hooked spindle to view selections, or pull up the tower to access them all at once.

Hanging Jewelry Organizer

City dwellers, frequent fliers and those simply short on space will delight in this spacious organizer that hangs on closet rod alongside your clothing. Eighty transparent vinyl pockets (40 each side) keep jewelry well-organized and easy to view and access. Traveling? Simply roll up it up and away you go.
These jewelry organizers offer so much storage space, you’ll likely have room to spare. Perfect excuse to go shopping for more treasures!

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