All those boyfriends and holidays added up to many memories and a lot of bling!

Though it might seem small, your jewelry collection can take up a lot of space. Not to mention that it can be next to impossible to find that matching earring if the bottom of a box of beautiful jewelry. Take the diamond out of the rough with a very clever and spacious jewelry organizer. Keep the earrings in their pairs and necklaces knot free with these solutions!

Over Door Mirror Armoire
You have so many accessories because they all go well with different outfits, right? Well, make getting ready for your event convenient by putting your jewelry inside a mirror! The Over Door Mirror and Jewelry Armoire is a stunning and simple way to organize your entire jewelry collection and help you get ready for a night out!

Keep the mirror on the back of the door, and when you’re ready to accessorize, open it up to reveal hooks and holders of all types. Choose your necklace or earrings, and there’s even a mirror inside so you don’t need to close the door to view your new style. The Armoire has enough hooks and slots for up to 36 necklaces, 48 earrings and 96 rings as well as 12 compartments for holding watches, bracelets and more. Keep going until you find the perfect pieces; they’re so easy to grab and switch!

Hanging Jewelry Organizer
Keep your jewelry where your clothes are with this organizer that fits perfectly in your closet. It’s so thin and small that it doesn’t even take up more space that a regular shirt. With 80 transparent pockets, using the Hanging Jewelry Organizer, you can choose your dress, and then easily pick out some matching earrings without even leaving your closet. The plastic pockets not only allows you to browse your collection quickly, but they are also an excellent protector. Get stylish in seconds with this closet dwelling Hanging Jewelry Organize!

Jewelry Stax
The Jewelry Stax organizer is a customizable solution to all of your jewelry messes! These trays come in a variety of sizes so that you can choose the one that fits in your drawer, on your dresser or anywhere else that you’d like to store them! Keep your jewelry protected while it’s in storage with the velvet liner of the Jewelry Stax. You can order as few or as many as you need to fit your bling-bling collection!

5 Drawer Oak Jewelry Organizer
Is your home’s style very classic and timeless? Accent your look with this charming, antique style 5 Drawer Oak Jewelry Organizer! You will love to gaze at this lovely piece of furniture in your bedroom even when you’re not using it! The 5 Drawer Oak Jewelry Organizer has compartments for any type of jewelry! Lift the lid for a few separate compartments to hold rings and things and to use the convenient built-in mirror.

The front of this jewelry box has five separate drawers, which are the perfect size for pins, pendants and any other independent piece of jewelry. Swing open the side doors and find the perfect necklace hangers with built in ledges to catch the excess chains and keep them knot free! Keep your jewelry protected with the lovely suede lined interior. This organizer is beautiful both inside and out without sacrificing function!

Travel Jewelry Pouch
Keep your accessories organized even when you are on the go with the Travel Jewelry Pouch. This beautiful organizer also serves as a protector for your jewels, as it’s made of double layered PVC Microfiber, keeping your pieces up against a lovely soft material as you travel. The wonderful hook and strap feature allows you to use each section for a variety of uses, such as rings, bracelets or watches. The large pocket is a great place for storing glasses or any larger type item. The storage sections are covered in plastic, so you can easily view the contents of each compartment. The Travel Jewelry Pouch is the tough and soft organizer that is great for anyone who needs to look their best away from home!

Folding Earring Rack
Do you have more earrings that you days of the year; and are you always finding yourself wanting more? The Folding Earring Rack is just the thing for you! Make sure you never lose one of the pair with this wandering earring organizer. This stunning transparent rack can hold up to 128 pairs of earrings, so you can easily find the ones that will accent your outfit perfectly. With all different types of holes, the Folding Earring Rack easily holds post, wire and hoop earrings. When you’ve found the perfect pair, fold it up and put it away so it doesn’t take up all the space on your dresser!

If you’re ready to get your jewelry collection in line once and for all, consider some of these helpful organizing products.

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