If only your treasured piece of jewelry could talk, it would tell a story, as it holds memories that you'll cherish forever. However, your fine jewelry is prone to wear and tear, have it inspected yearly by your jeweler.

Jewelry repair services are available to remedy the state of jewelry, and the key is in finding that exemplary jeweler, such as Alex and company jewelers, to fix your piece. Consult widely with the people you trust to get the right recommendation for a master jeweler who can give a diagnosis of your jewelry repair needs.

Expertise and Trust

There is nothing more comforting than having your valuable jewelry repaired or restored by a jeweler you can trust, and they're skilled and professionals. Important to note, jewelry shops that offer custom-made jewelry most likely have a qualified in-house technician.

Jewelry Repair Concerns

If you want your jewelry brought back to its former glory, only artisan jewelry with the highest level of experience can do it. Jewelers you can trust, such as Alex & Company Jewelers, will achieve such excellence giving you peace of mind. Most common jewelry issues include; broken or bent prongs, cracked rings, loose stones. Have your precious jewelry examined and diagnosed to get the best repair service.

Stone Replacement

If your stone gets loose, do not panic; consult your jeweler, and a qualified professional stone setter will fix it. If the gemstone fell off and got lost, it's possible to have it replaced, and if you have a loose stone, only the setting is needed. It's a relief to know you can wear your precious gem again with no worries.

Jewelry Restoration

Your custom-made jewelry got damaged and has been gathering dust in your jewelry box. It's time to talk to your jeweler to have it restored to its original sparkly state. Remember, only artisan jewelry with attention to detail such as Alex & Company will hack this, especially if it's a sentimental heirloom that'll need to go back to its original form.

Ring Resizing

Your jewelry repair, if done right, can help continue to hold a cherished memory. The resizing involves cutting and soldering, sizing beads, and spring inserts. It's a solution to your spinning ring; have it custom sized by a professional. The resizing will ensure you get a perfect fit and no visible seams when complete.

Prong Repair

Once in awhile, prongs can wear out; get it fixed as it increases the potential of losing the stone. After your jeweler examines it, he can inform whether re-tipping will do or replacing the whole prong head. A perfect repair service should leave your prongs match in size, dimensions, and shape and ensure that the prongs will not snag any garment.

In Conclusion

Diarize visiting a jeweler who has the expertise necessary to provide you with only the highest quality jewelry repair and restoration. Most of the best jewelers offer free inspection and cleaning, and while at it, they will notify you of any potential future maintenance to consider.

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