Are you aggravated by your jewelry collection? Do you find yourself late for work or social events because you wasted time unraveling chains and digging through earrings and pins? Are you so overwhelmed by the mass of metal and baubles in your drawer that you only utilize a small portion of your collection when you accessorize? Have you ever been frustrated by your inability to locate the perfect ring, bracelet, or earrings for your outfit — only to discover some time later that it was there in your collection all along, but you couldn’t find it when you needed it?

Your jewelry should be a source of pride, not irritation. Don’t despair — there’s a wide variety of innovative products that can help you manage and protect everything in your jewelry collection.

There are several products that make it easy to find the perfect accent to your wardrobe. An earring and necklace holder, for example, stands on your dresser or vanity to neatly showcase your necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. When you’re not using it, the holder folds up smartly and takes up very little space. Similarly, a swing out jewelry holder stows rings, bracelets, pins, and other small items in three cylindrical bins. These bins rotate outward for easy access, but stack neatly atop one another when not in use. For a touch of flair in your closet or bedroom, you can display your collection on a jewelry tree. This stylish metal jewelry holder tidily displays your necklaces, charms, and earrings on its “branches,” thus sparing you the hassle of digging through a box or drawer to select a piece.

For those with a sizable collection, there are several more complete jewelry storage systems to choose from. A stacking jewelry organizer has 40 compartments to store everything from bracelets and rings to pendants and watches. These three acrylic trays stack easily, and can keep your collection organized while easily fitting inside a drawer.

For an even larger collection, a jewelry “stax” system incorporates different stackable, velvet-lined tray configurations. This system allows you to select and combine the precise types of trays you need for your unique jewelry collection.

There are also some great products that can help you manage your jewelry when you leave home. A travel jewelry pouch, for example, is double-padded and contains six zippered compartments to protect your jewelry from the rigors of travel. Should you need to pack a larger number of accessories on your trip, look for a slim jewelry case with pouches, loops, and Velcro straps. Many of these cases are attractively designed to show your style on the go.

If there’s a specific part of your collection that’s bigger than others, there are some wonderful jewelry organizers that can help you display and stow these items more effectively. For example, a stylish earring case stores two dozen sets of earrings, and also comes with a lid-mounted mirror and sturdy snap latch. If you would rather keep your earrings in plain view, look for an acrylic earring keeper featuring two tiers and 24 notches and holes. It also has a swing open lid and a removable drawer for easy access to your earrings.

You may also want to consider a folding earring rack, which can store and showcase up to 128 pairs of earrings. This rack has four hinged panels which can unfold for display and close for space-saving storage. For finger and toe rings, a velvet-lined leather ring box can organize and protect up to 100 rings, while a suction ring keeper can be affixed to a wall or mirror to hold your wedding ring or other jewelry while you bathe or wash dishes.

Perhaps you wish to flaunt your entire jewelry collection (really, who could blame you?). You might select an overdoor jewelry organizer, which can display over 300 jewelry items and keep them tangle free. This powder-coated steel rack hangs over your closet or bathroom door, or can be mounted on a wall.

If you would rather keep your jewelry in your closet, there are some great products that can help you use the clothing bars to store your collection. Both a hanging jewelry organizer and the hanging bracelet necklace organizer have transparent pockets and Velcro loops for jewelry storage, and both fit neatly in your closet — or in a suitcase or hanging bag for travel purposes.

For a stylish accent to your bedroom or closet, consider an over door mirror armoire, which hangs over your door and displays a full-length shatterproof mirror when closed. Inside, a system of hooks, slots, and compartments can store up to 180 different pieces of jewelry. There’s even a small mirror so you don’t have to close the armoire to check your jewelry. If you would rather display your collection on your wall, you can choose a wall mount jewelry armoire or mirror wall mount jewelry armoire in white, oak, or espresso. These open to display all of your valuables, but can keep them under lock and key when closed.

With these innovative products, you can organize all of your jewelry and prevent individual pieces from vanishing into “accessory purgatory,” where you are unable to find them. These products also give you the peace of mind that your sparkling treasures are safe and protected. And you can choose the perfect accessory for any occasion without the stress and lost time associated with combing through piles and rummaging through drawers.

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