The rise of female entrepreneurs in the last decade has grown exponentially. It takes sheer will and an intricate understanding of the industry one works in to become a leader that inspires others. One such leader in the world of high-end real estate is Jo Eccles, the Founder and Managing Director of Eccord.

In the following interview, we get a detailed insight into her journey thus far. Below are the highlights of the interview with Insights Success a Business Magazine.

Take our readers through your journey and the challenges you came across till your current leadership position at Eccord.

I founded what is now Eccord back in 2006, so 15 years ago. Initially, we were a pure buying agency specializing in sourcing homes and rental investments in central London, with most of our clients working in finance, as that was my background.

Over the years, we also responded to demand for high-end property management services for rental investments and, more recently, private homes. Demand for our property management services has grown considerably and now represents 50% of Eccord revenue.

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