There has been a real slump in the government sector recruitment with the huge population rise. The government jobs are still a very distant dream for many as there is less opportunities. But gradually there has been lot more employment that has been created all over India and people are looking forward to enter in the premises of government jobs. UKPSC (Uttarakhand Public Service Commission), UPPSC (Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission), BPSC (Bihar Public Service Commission) have been really working hard to give more employment opportunities in India. The constitution of India points out that it is the role of every public service commission to undertake the recruitment for the state government and also to take adequate support from the central government and the UPSC if required. Under the federal structure of India the recruitment methods are more or less similar for all these organizations as it was basically a state controlled recruitment board. The candidates are required to take a written examination and if selected in it they are called in for an interview. In some cases there are only skill tests required and no provision of interview is there if it’s the case of clerk recruitment or even a case of data entry operator.
* UKPSC has been a major employment creator of Uttarakhand since its formation. When the state of Uttarakhand was formed immediately the public service commission was formed for the development of the people in the state and to appoint able persons to administer the government.
* UPPSC have a glorious past of 60 years as they are serving their state from 1937, it was formed as the employment creator of the state. The present chairman of the commission is Shri. Malkiat Singh who has been in charge since last year. The number of the members has gradually been increased and now there have been 8 members in the commission to control and supervise all the things properly.
* BPSC came into existence when the commission was separated from the Madhya Pradesh and Orissa commissions on 1949 after independence. The present chairman of the commission is Sri K. C. Saha who has been in charge since last year.

The recruitment undertakings of these three states has been supervised well by these commissions since their formations and its worth mentioning that they are indeed doing a great job. UKPSC, uppsc, bpsc is surely taking the proper responsibility to put the states and the nation forward.

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