With computer and information technology dominating the commercial world, it is no wonder that there is a great deal of demands for computer system analysts in the market.

Job Description

Computer system analyst performs the following jobs.

* Helps out the company for which he or she works to use the computer technology efficiently to best effects for increasing the productivity and profits of the organizations.
* Incorporates new technologies in exiting systems.
* Coordinates the entire computer related activities in the company;
* Prepares, maintains, and updates the database of the company for which they work.

Job Opportunities

In the year 2008, there were around 532,000 computer system analysts in United States and the number is still growing. The growth rate is supposed to continue until 2016 at the minimum.

Qualification and Training

Basic qualifications for the post of computer system analyst are as follows.

* A bachelor’s degree ;
* If the job opted for is technically complex , technical training and qualifications in the field of information technology would be required;
* Specific training and qualification is required for system analyst’s job where networking or programming is involved.

Skill Requirements

So far as the skill requirements are concerned, the computer system analyst should have the following skills and qualities.

* Strong problem resolving capabilities;
* Analytical and interpersonal as well as communication skills; and
* Logical thinking and abilities to concentrate and pay attention in detail to any of the tasks entrusted.

Advancement Opportunities

Once the computer system analyst starts gaining experience and knowledge, he or she could be promoted to senior posts like the lead systems analyst. People looking for career information always looks for advancement facilities in the career they have chosen. Further, he will also have a future as the computer and information systems manager or they can end up with any top level management position.

According to the reports of the United States Bureau of Labor statistics the growth rate is much faster than usual. That is why the career offers greater scope than many others in the field. Computer is now widely used in all commercial, domestic, and all types of transactions. Scope of employment is substantial in both public and private sectors and the average income is also good at around $80,000 per annum.

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