Since it is highly specialized and requires extensive academic qualifications and training, the job of nuclear engineer is highly rewarding. Recent survey has indicated that the median salaries for such engineers were well over $100,000 even for the base level engineers per annum. Emoluments in case of these engineers will vary extensively depending on their efficiency levels and qualifications.

Growing Trends in Job Opportunities

One of the features of the opportunities in the career of nuclear engineers is that the number of jobs is constantly growing. With immense developments in science; nuclear technologies are used in multiple purposes these days. In the past it was used for weapon making and defense services only but these days it is now available for multiple purposes including power generation and such others. In fact, U.S Department of Energy is one of the largest employers of nuclear engineers.

Job Opportunities

Till date the number of successful graduates and candidates in the field of nuclear engineering are small and that is why they are still not able to cover all the job opportunities. On the other hand the employers, especially the military and energy generation departments always look for well trained and bright candidates for the jobs.

Basic characteristics of job opportunities for nuclear engineers are-

* Opportunities available for nuclear engineers are smaller in comparison to various other engineering fields.
* While increase in job opportunities is predicted, the rate would also be smaller in comparison to some other fields.
* A number of opportunities are opened due to retirement and transfer of existing engineers.
* Nuclear engineers have good job openings for running the existing nuclear plants.
* Another potential area that offers a number of job opportunities in the field of improvement as well as enforcement of waste management including the safety regulations.

Earning Opportunities

Since it is a different field, the career of nuclear engineer offers good earning opportunities. In addition; they are supposed to work mostly in defense establishments and power generation projects and in a substantially secretive environment. Naturally the remunerations are matching. While usual engineer would earn in the range of $80,000-$100,000; a proficient engineer can earn even more.

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