Contrary to the popular concept of botanist, whom people conceive of looking after trees only, plan life includes a host of living organism with which they deal. On one hand plants have substantial contribution to make in maintenance of ecological balance and keeping the environment pollution free. In addition; plants fulfill different needs of people like medicines, building materials as well as other aesthetic environments. Duty of the botanist is to look after the plants and make experiment and research with them.

Different Careers of Botanist

Job of botanist could of varied types. Some leading types are –
Plant taxonomist is the wing of botanists that identifies and classifies the plants. Collecting plants specimens, they experiment and conduct research on the plants they also work to find out the best green house effects. In fact the study involves chemistry, structure, and plant genetics explaining the reproductive behavior.
Ethno botanists will usually work on the plants that are used as food and medicine. It is basically a study of the ways of use of the plants for this purpose by the people. The study and job also includes identification of economic plants and exploitation of the areas of vegetation, especially that of the endangered species.
Job of Palynologist is studying the fossils as well as that of living pollen. Basically it is the study of historical background of the plants. Some of the highly specialized form of botanist jobs are Feology as well as systematic. Most of their jobs are confined to labs and research and experimentation.
While palaeobotanists study rocks and geology to understand the plant characteristics. On the other hand plant physiologist studies the functions of the plant involving growth, development, and nutrient uptakes as well as the biochemical processes of the plant. Major part of their activities is in the field of agriculture. It involves the study of nutritional values, quality of food crops, and also germination. However, their tasks are not confined to laboratory alone but also in the field of agriculture.

Other Major Types of Botanists Jobs

Some other major types of botanist jobs are that of mycologists, plant pathologists, plant geneticist, and weed scientist.

Scope in Career
People who care about bio-diversity as well as conservation of energy will like the career of a botanist.
National Botanical Institute is the best employer of the botanists. Main job opportunities are available in botanical gardens, scientific research, as well as the education and information services.

Apart from these avenues there is also scope for self employment in the job.

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