Reputation of any good restaurant will be largely dependent on its head chef but it is the food service manager that is responsible for all the behind the scene activities keeping the establishment going.

Responsibilities of Food Service Managers

Major responsibilities shouldered by the food service managers would be –

* He or she is responsible for behind the scene activities that will keep the establishment going.
* They will be the person to order the food supplies.
* Selection of menu items is another major responsibility for them.
* Determination of the prices of items purchases and ensuring that they are of high quality is another important aspect of the duties of the restaurant manager.
* In addition; the manager is also responsible for the administrative tasks that include human resources.
* Menu preparation and order supplies are the task on which the entire reputation of the organization will depend.
* Overseeing the kitchen and employees is another important task carried out by them.
* General administrative tasks carried out by the mangers include –
* Payroll management;
* Compliance with law of the land; especially the labor regulations;
* Keeping track of inventories and sales figures;
* Tracking purchases, receipts, and accounts payable; and
* Making sure that the suppliers are paid in time.

With the extensive use of computer technologies, the tasks have been simplified to some extent as most of them are automatically performed and results generated. Using the Internet as tool; managers find out improved methods of promoting their restaurants.

Employment Opportunities

In most of the restaurants, the post of restaurant manager is a must while the employment opportunities are comparatively greater in larger restaurants, cafés, and hotels etc. With mushroom growth of these establishments across the globe, the career of restaurant manager has now become substantially rewarding.

Training and Education

For building up a career as a restaurant or the food service manager, the following training and education would be required –

* A degree in hospitality or culinary schools is the preparatory platform for the job;
* National restaurant chains as well as food services companies not only recruit new candidates but offer apprenticeship training to make them familiar with the environment and giving them adequate training and preparations; and
* Multiple universities and academies offer hospitality management courses for the prospective candidates.

If a candidate gains some basic proficiency and experience, the prospect of getting jumpstarted in the career will be definitely better.

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