Working for numerous varieties of firms across the country, the customer service representatives works as the direct contact point for the customers. Basic task that these representatives accomplish is to ensure that customers are provided with all required assistance and issues raised and queries made are effectively addressed.

Job Description
Usually the customer service representative will carry out the following jobs.

* Work as the conduit between the organization providing service and the customers.
* Function as direct contact point for customers.
* Customers they deal could be individuals or corporate bodies.
* Services required will vary depending on the type and size of the customer.

What the Representative Should Ensure
Every such representative will ensure –

* Timely response made to the customers.
* Answering the questions on goods and services offered.
* Taking care of the complaints made by the customers.
* Ensure that vehicle of communication like phone, FAX, email or others are working properly and the queries of customers are attended with promptness.
* Main task of the representative is problem resolution whether it is specific task or general problems.
* Resolve simple as well as complex issues while adhering to the guidelines issued by the company.
* At times the service also involves helping the customer in making their choices about the goods and services procured.
* Basic objective of customer service is earning goodwill and not sales.
* Usually the representatives work with the help of computers.

Qualifications and Training
It is necessary for the customer service representative to have adequate academic qualifications for being able to communicate effectively with the varieties of customers with different educational backgrounds. It would be good if the candidate for the job is multilingual as customers could from different linguistic and ethnic backgrounds. At the same time he or she should have excellent communication skills so as to build up effective communication line with the customers.

Employment Opportunities
Employment opportunities in the field of customer service representatives are always greater than the number of job aspirants and therefore it offers excellent scope for career building. Particularly the multilingual representatives are in great demand as new positions are often created and existing positions also go vacant as experienced people move over to new occupations.

A skilled representative can earn in the range of $40,000-$45,000 on average.

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