Among the careers that are perennially in demand, the job of administrative assistants is one. In fact it is one of those jobs that are permanently in demand in workforce of the country. High volume of job openings exists for aspirant candidates.

Job Features

Basic features of the job of administrative assistants are as follows.

* He or she is the professional coordinating the administrative activities in the office.
* Storing, retrieving, and managing the administrative affairs in the office or establishment are their basic jobs.
* Dissemination of information for staff and clients is another important aspect of their jobs.
* With the passage of time their responsibilities have been growing since they are now performing the tasks previously performed by the executives in the office.
* Management of projects and research works;
* Planning and scheduling of meetings and appointments;
* Purchases and management of inventory supplies; and
* Travel arrangements; are also some of the basic jobs of administrative assistants.

Skill Requirements

Administrative assistants should have good knowledge of computer software applications as well as office equipment such as the telephones, fax machines and use of email and computers. Word processing, effective communication, typing ability and interpersonal skills are other aspects that require proper attention. In addition they can acquire in job advancement training and skill. In terms of education, the minimum requirements are –

* Minimum higher secondary certificate;
* However, most of the establishments are preferring graduates with knowledge in computer handling; and
* Skills in noting, drafting and office skills are necessary.

Training Facilities

Many vocational and traditional academies are now offering training facilities for the job of administrative assistants.

* Sometimes one or two year programs are offered in office administration by some vocational and technical academies;
* Online training and coaching programs are also available.
* Various certifications for different types of administrative assistant jobs are also available.

An assistant who has substantially broadened his or her sphere of knowledge and skills can be easily promoted to the grade of executive.

Earning Prospects

While the median salaries of regular office assistants are usually in the range of $30,000 -$40,000; the virtual assistants working online could earn in the range of $25-$100 per hour depending on the nature of job and their own skill levels.

In fact the occupation is one that offers one of the largest numbers of job openings.

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