You’ve finally had it with your old job. You’ve put in your two-week notice and are on the way to something even better. However, arriving at that new job can be confusing and stressful. First, you need to find a new job. To help you manage the stress of making a career change, here are four tips and methods.

Know Why You Left

Before you choose your next job, you need to first examine why you left your old position. What was it about it that was no longer satisfactory to you? Did they refuse to increase your pay despite your loyalty? Did your benefits decrease? Were you no longer being challenged in the workplace and given important work to complete? Whatever the reasons might have been, you should use them to fuel your job search. Look for businesses who offer decent pay or decent benefits.

Use Resources

Finding your next job is half the battle. You can utilize staffing offices to help. By going through your resume, they can help you find jobs that you’re qualified for. With a list to make through, you can find those that offer the pay that you want or the benefits package that you enjoy. Career searching is made a little easier with a business helping you out.

Get Side Jobs

If you’re worried about bringing money in while you’re between jobs, then look for ways to do some side jobs. These can help you pay your bills and keep from dipping into your savings too much. Side jobs shouldn’t take up too much of your day. You still want some time to do job searching before the day is out. There are numerous sites that list people needing help who will hire you. Or you can freelance and post your services as well.

Ask Around

It doesn’t hurt to ask among your friends, too, if they know of any job openings. Perhaps your friends love their jobs. You can find out why. If they have any openings, then you can apply and work alongside your friends. They might also know other key information about openings in other businesses that might interest you. Personal connections can, at the very least, be an effective research tool.
Being between jobs can be a terrifying and stressful time. To help, consider some of these tips and methods for finding your next job quickly. You’ll have money flowing in again in no time.

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