Among the specialist careers, the career of Biologist offers good prospects for the career aspirants. With growing health concerns as well as environmental concerns all over the world, the biologist’s job has assumed a much greater significance than it once carried.

Popular Areas of Biologist’s Job

Most popular areas of the job of biologists are –
Entomology, microbiology, biochemistry, and biophysics;
Zoology, botany, Wildlife management, disease studies, marine biology, and mycology;
Environmental science, ecological science, and Genetics.

All these fields are specialist jobs and each of the field also requires separate educational and training backgrounds.

Rapid Expansion

In the current century, field of biology has expanded rapidly. Various factors have contributed to such growth that includes –
Rapid industrialization and urbanization and resulting ecological and environmental issues;
Discovery of numerous technologies; especially in the field of genetics;
Huge overall development of science and technology has also contributed substantially in making biological studies an active academic course instead of the passive role it assumed in the past.

In any case the works of biologists are important for survival of animal, plant world as well as maintenance of the ecological balance on the planet earth.

Two Variations of Work

Biology is a vast subject and therefore the work of biologist can be diverse in nature. However, there are a couple of basic forms of the work.
First of the two forms is the field works. It covers –
All the works of biologist beyond the lab environment.
It could be forests, caves, ocean, underwater, college facilities, or anywhere.
Especially the entomologists, botanists, mycologists, and zoologists spend a lot of their working times in natural environments relating to the specific subjects.
Most of the biologists spend 50% of their time in the field.
Second variation of the job of biologists relates to the works carried out in the lab environment. Usually, these are scientific, academic, or commercial works environments.

However, research scholars could have a combination of both the environments and a part of their time will be spent inside the lab while another part will be in outdoor environments.

Financial Prospects

Depending on two factors; first the field of study; and second the size and status of the employer combined with the qualifications and efficiency of the employee, the financial rewards could vary substantially.

Research programs are always associated with specific date lines but the rewards are also handsome.

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