Neither doctors nor nurses, the Cardiac Perfusionists job is that of an allied health care specialist. Also known in some circles as the Certified Clinical Perfusionist or CCP, they are specialist medical professionals operating the heart lung machines. In the Cambridge encyclopedia volumes the definition of cardiac perfusionist has been given as allied medical expert.

Heart Lung Machine Operator

Usually the task accomplished by the heart lung machine is pumping blood in the patient’s anatomic system. Most important task that is accomplished with the machine is at the time of open heart surgeries. Circulating, oxygenating, purifying the blood, the operator will also help in various other medical functions like organ transplant, heart bypass, and cardiac surgeries.

Education and Training

Requirements of education and training for the job of cardiac perfusionist are as follows.
American Academy of Cardiovascular Perfusion or AACP requires that the candidate should have a bachelor’s degree from a recognized four years college.
While specific undergraduate degree is not required, a degree in biology could immensely help the prospects of the candidate in building up a career.
A mandatory requirement is completing the training program in affiliated academic medical center requiring completion of at least 150 procedures as a trainee.
After completion of the training a certification exam is required to be passed to become the certified clinical perfusionist. American Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion or ABCP offers the examination.

Job Responsibilities

Usually the cardiac perfusionist job includes the following responsibilities.
Assisting the operating surgeon in the operation theater during the cardiac surgeries.
He or she is responsible for operating the heart lungs machine.
Keeping record of the perfusion.
Consulting the surgeon with the cardiac history of the patient.
Keeping the heard lung equipment in order to ensure it s proper working. Defects in the machinery can bring up serious physical problems and even death.

Earning Prospects

As per the survey report of the American Medical Association, even the starting salaries of the cardiac perfusionist job could be in the range of $60,000 to $75,000. With a little experience and proficiency it will not be difficult for the technocrat to earn $100,000 per annum.

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