The work flow of pastry chefs and bakers involves taking the raw materials and other ingredients and working with them. They are involved in kneading the dough and preparing the final product. They are also responsible for cleaning aspects and working closely on the requirements of the customers.

Pastry chef and bakers are involved in making many baked food stuffs like:

Fresh bread loaves
Layer cakes
Pastries and cakes
Doughnuts, cookies, pies
Icings etc
With a good employment outlook, the baking and pastry making industry is running in spite of the world changing its eating based lifestyle, as more and more people are going for a balanced diet. But parties, anniversaries, special occasions and the eating urge works wonders for this industry.

Pastry chef and baker related jobs require many skills bubbling at the same time. Apart from the baking skills, a good set of customer service skills coupled with a nice marketing & promotion sense will work.


The median income with respect to 2009 was around 25,000 $ across United States but the number decreases slightly while taking figures involving the entire North America.

Education and Training

There aren’t any educational guidelines but it is never a bad idea to get a good education. There aren’t any schools which fully cater to the concept of baking, but various cooking courses with respect to bakery items are available. After learning, amateur bakers polish their skills as appetencies in small to large bakeries.

Career and Job Opportunities

Many pastry chefs and bakers are hired by restaurants and hotels for their baking requirements. Brands have their own manufacturing set-ups and do employ bakers. Most pastry makers and bakers work at individual capacities. Bakers may set up multiple shops in the city and beyond as well. The main aim of bakers is to make a good brand name which requires a lot of faith in their vision. Bakers can move towards many other related fields like catering and hotel industry.

Lastly, like any other field the baking profession also requires a lot of patience and hard work.

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A pastry chef and baker can earn a handsome amount of remuneration if he or she employs proper marketing skills coupled with hard work and skill. Employment prospects, career and job opportunities are booming in spite of the effects of recession and the tough market competition.