Designing, supervising and handling the process of procuring oil & natural gas from the earth is done by petroleum engineers. They are also required to move the oil and natural gas to the storage tanks and other capacities.

Roles and Responsibilities

Petroleum engineers work in team and are decision makers in the following processes

Drilling aspects
Choosing equipments
Supervising the process (workers install and operate the equipment)
Once oil or natural gas is struck, engineers test samples (oil bearing layers of rock are used). Later they test the reservoir to check if there is any possibility of the oil flowing by itself. Otherwise, it is forced from the ground.

The most important responsibility of a petroleum engineer is to transport the oil safely to the ground surface at the least possible cost. Many a times, salt water comes mixed with the oil, so the petroleum engineering team has to move the salt water to the ground again.

Educational Aspects

A bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering will be the first step towards being a petroleum engineer (it is essential in licensing). You can apply for practical training with large oil and natural gas companies. Talking about being employed in teaching and research sectors, a master’s degree or a doctor degree helps a lot. Petroleum engineering coursework coupled with a degree in geology, mining, geophysics or civil engineering forms an excellent preparation. Direct placement and getting training apprenticeship is fairly easy and the university helps in this regard.

Job Opportunities

Most petroleum engineers work for oil companies. A small part of the petroleum engineering fraternity works with companies that make, promote and sell tools and equipment to these oil companies. As many universities have a petroleum engineering department in their campus, many of them also join the teaching field or work as trainers in institutes.

A petroleum engineer can become a consultant for private and public sectors. Licensed petroleum engineers (who have a considerable experience and have passed the licensing exams) earn heavily.

To finish, the employment outlook and the remuneration is more than excellent.

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Unlike what is perceived, a petroleum engineer has the world as the canvas for employment and not just the Arab world. To learn more interesting aspects with respect to job opportunities in the petroleum engineering field, simply stay updated by subscribing career portals.