Life has taken an amusing turn by the introduction of internet and other enabled services. The IT world is producing jobs than any other sector. While talking about IT

jobs there are a lot of subdivisions. If u has some imagination and some programing knowledge you can be a graphic designer. In this filed a lot of opportunities are

emerging. Let us now take a look of some of the graphics design jobs available.

Mac operator /entry level designer

You might have heard the term MAC operator .usually if you are in web design field u might not be familiar with this but in print industry it is familiar. The job

title is also known as Mac specialist or art worker. In simple words a Mac operator is one who can use a MAC or a pc with ease him /her should be able to work with

simple design soft wares such as the Quark , InDesign ,etc. the applicants are expected to operate these software with high level of proficiency. Usually their job is

to convert low resolution art work into high resolution printable form. Mac operators are essential in any firm as they connect the ground crew with the designers. In

big multinational companies Mac operators are highly paid. The payment scale of the Mac operators will increase with increase in their experience.

Mid-Level designer

Getting a job as a mid-level designer is not much difficult task. You are neither in a low profile nor the hi fi one. You can get a fair amount of salary and the work

load in your shoulders will be less. If you have got an experience of 3 to 7 years you will be qualified to get the job of a mid-level designer. You will have the

freedom of choosing your own crew and act accordingly. Sometimes you will be inside a team of designers and you have to control the ones who are under you and give the

appropriate report to the project leaders or the one who is in control. In other words the mid-level designers are the ones who produce the much amount of work in the

industry.mid level designers are mainly employed in industries like advertising and other fields. In the field of entertainment say television or print media the group

of graphic designers are inevitable. They convert the imagination into reality, they can be of much use in the industry. The payment scale in the graphic designing

filed is pretty high. Usually highly experienced designers are awarded with high salaries.

For a fresher getting a job in a reputed designing company is a herculean task as many of the designing companies will not hire fresher. So if you are looking for a

designing job consulting a job consultancy will be a better option.

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