Job of a chemist is special and different from all others. At the same time it offers a lot of career opportunities for the aspirant candidates.

Chemist Overview

Basically a chemist is a scientist that is concerned with the composition and the properties of the chemicals and their ways of interacting with each other. Most important aspect of their job is finding out the attributes of matters and is always on the search for new information about the matters. In addition; they also design as well as develop the instruments that are required to study matters.

Multiple Employment Opportunities

For chemists; multiple employment opportunities exist such as –

* Majority of the chemists work in the labs.
* Others work under the research environments.
* Some chemists also work with computer and are engaged in development of theories and models for predicting reactions.
* A lot of chemists also get involved in field works.
* Others would be working for projects.
* Some of the chemists work as writers and professors.

Employment Opportunities

As on date there are nearly 100,000 chemists working in different fields in United States. Moreover, the job opportunities are likely to grow at a steady rate up to 2016. Especially in the field of biotechnology and the pharmaceutical industries, the growth is substantial. Other fields of operations where good employment opportunities are available for the chemists include the food industries, materials science as well as the industries where analytical works are essential for manufacturing or production etc. While the government continues to be one of the largest employers, the prospect of employment in the private sector has grown substantially during the last couple of decades.

Earning Prospects

Substantial earnings prospects are there for efficient chemists in United States. However, the income prospects will vary depending on the type of jobs entrusted to the chemists. Highest prospects are in the federal executive branches with the median salaries ranging from $90,000 to $100,000 and the lowest prospects is in the testing laboratories at about $50,000 to $70.000 on average.

Chemists usually work in well equipped laboratories, offices, academies, and other such places. Best part of it is that the risk factor in the job of chemists is substantially lower though there may be occasional hazards in the chemist jobs.

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