Performing the functions of recruiting that is raising the selection ratio is not a simple task since there are a variety of hurdles generated by the external and the internal factors which could affect an organization. The very first variable of executive recruitment is influenced by a range of factors like organizational policy regarding filing up of a particular proportion of vacancies from the internal and local candidates, government regulations concerning reservations of a specific number of jobs to applicants. .

Executive recruiting firms entails certain duties and obligations which are needed to be insured by the recruiter who's essentially a human resource specialist responsible for hiring applicants for management positions in a variety of organizations. These recruiters may either operate internally as the member of their company or even third-party recruiter who works for a staffing agency and several other multiple associations. Some of the responsibilities of executive recruiting companies are: .

Headhunting - after the practice of outlining the essential criteria, a head-hunter accounts for screening the entire candidate's profiles and choosing applicants who are the most acceptable for the desired position. .

Drafting job specifications - The recruiters are responsible for writing job descriptions by summarizing in details the skills and expertise needed for a particular position in a company. This description may occasionally even cover the anticipated salary details. .

Interviews - Conducting interviews is another primary responsibility of executive search firms where they interview the candidates based on the skills and qualities that they have. They may also inquire about their previous experiences with numerous organizations. Remember, asking of personal questions is illegal by the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. .

Employment provide - after all of the interview procedures are finished, and the head-hunter defines the possible candidate, a job offer can be obtained by the candidate both verbally and also on the business letterhead. However, there could also be instances where an employer would rather run the last round of meeting with the candidate and then provide him a consultation letter for a job. .

Administration - the important job of an executive recruitment firm is to handle all of the hiring documents while ensuring that the employer stays compliant with the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. .

Aside from the responsibilities mentioned above of Executive recruiting firms , these recruiters occasionally even help candidates in resume building. There are cases when an executive recruitment firm may locate a prospective candidate. However, the resume is not designed in a suitable method. Thus, these companies assist the candidate in resume development.

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