One of the careers that offer prospects in both full time and part time jobs, teacher assistant has assumed significant prominence in the wake of huge demands for education all around. Nearly 40% of the teacher assistants work part time while the rest are regular full time workers.

Special Features in the Job

Gradually with the educational requirements growing all around, huge scope in the field of teacher assistant. There is also no fixed requirement of education for the job as it ranges from college studies to university degree. Assistants that can help out students with foreign language or those who can help out the special education students would be especially in demand in the market.

Nature of Work

Nature of the work of teacher assistant can be summed up as follows.
They offer instructional and clerical support for the classroom teachers.
Teacher assistant helps out teachers in getting more time for teaching and planning their lessons.
They also tutor and assist the children in learning class materials using the lesson plans.
Such people provide students with special assistance and individualized attention.
Supervising the students in the cafeteria, schoolyards and field trips they help out students in their extracurricular activities.
They record grades, help preparation of materials for instruction, and sets up the equipments.
Some of them also work as paraprofessionals.
Others perform purely clerical and nonacademic tasks. Examples are playground as well as the lunchroom assistants.
Most of the teacher assistants perform a combination of both type of duties.

Other Tasks Performed

Several other tasks are also accomplished by the teacher assistant such as instructing, conducting grade tests, checking home works, keeping health and attendance records, carry out filing, typing, and duplicating works. Stock of supplies maintenance, operating audiovisual equipments, and keeping the classroom equipments in order are some of the additional tasks carried out.

Education and Training

Educational and training requirements for pursuing the career of teacher assistant are –
High school diploma or some college training;
People with higher education are often preferred by employers;
Formal training is more essential for those taking up teaching tasks;
A plus two degree coupled with 2-3 years’ experience in the job will help build up the career of teacher assistant effectively.

Proficient assistant can earn salaries in the range of $24,000- $30,000 annually on average.

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