When you give birth to that new addition, one of the many things that will change drastically in your lifestyle routines is your workout schedule. Whether it is a daily quick run before work, or hardcore training for a race, your new baby can challenge that old routine that you were so entrenched in. Buying a jogging baby stroller can help you get back into your favorite hobby of running and jogging, by giving you the opportunity to take your baby along on your running expeditions.

There are hundreds of different jogging strollers on the market today. Safety should be your priority when you are choosing that perfect jogging stroller for your baby. This type of baby strollers have been around for years and the variety of models are staggering.

When selecting your stroller, look for one that is made well, durable and sturdy. Since the design of a jogging stroller is made with three wheels as opposed to a standard four wheel baby stroller, it can be more prone to tipping. Keep this in mind when you are testing out different brands.

Most manufacturers recommend that you wait until your child is at least 6 months old to use a jogging stroller. Their muscles are not strong enough yet to support themselves while they are being bounced around.

When you place your baby in the jogging stroller, make sure to use the harness correctly. You want to make sure your child cannot fall or climb out of his seat. Make sure the stroller is unlocked completely when you put your child in. Use the brakes when you stop, even on a flat area. When you stop on a hill even for a second, hold the stroller. Many jogging strollers nowadays are designed with a safety strap, to wear around your wrist. Always follow road safety rules when jogging. Try to run during daytime hours to be visible by oncoming cars. If you need to go out in the dark, make sure you are wearing a reflector, and you can even put a reflector on your baby’s stroller. Never leave the stroller unattended for even one moment. Keep your stroller on the sidewalk at all times, even if you are waiting to cross the street. Keep yourself and your baby well hydrated, especially in the warmer weather. Don’t forget that you are losing fluids as you burn calories.

Use your common sense when you are out jogging with your baby. There are countless potential hazards that may come your way. If you exercise with safety in mind, you can enjoy the exercise as you spend quality outdoor time with your little one.

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Author: Kamran Minhas