Becoming a member of a book club may be one of the best decisions you'll ever make as a book enthusiast. There are many advantages to it. One of the many benefits include getting massive discounts to the books you buy and this becomes so beneficial if the prices in retail stores are up to 300% more. Being a member can give you updates on new information about the publishing industry including new releases and book signing. The convenience you get from shopping for your favorite books in the comfort of your own home and PC is also incomparable. Imagine having to scan towering book racks in a book store in contrast to just exploring a website and buying straight from there. For those who are truly hard core book enthusiasts, these clubs are definitely something that you will enjoy.

Still, no matter what book clubs guarantee, the fine print has to be read. One of the huge mistakes that people make in joining book clubs is not reading the important details and they wind up getting stunned later on. It is, thus, important to carefully read through all conditions before signing up, whether it's for the Book of the Month club, the Literary Guild or any other book club there is.

One thing that you should be looking in to is their condition regarding the prices of books because you might have to buy some books at regular prices before you can take advantage of the discounts on others. Some book clubs deliver books to your house regularly even if you have not ordered them. When joining such clubs, you and other members will automatically receive these books unless you inform them that you are not interested in such deliveries. This can be done either online or in person. But you should also go through all the conditions, rules, guidelines and all the policies before you join to avoid paying for the first delivery and you opt out before the very first delivery is sent.

Shipping fees is an additional important factor that you should be looking into. Book clubs may advertise their book rates alone without mentioning about shipment fees. This means "6 books for 99cents" could have you spending more than that for the shipment. While you may have to add a very small amount, it is still sensible to check out exactly how much you'll be needing to pay straight up before making any purchase.

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Joining a book club has its benefits especially for people who are such voracious readers. Books may sound like a minor expense but for a family that simply loves reading, even the smallest prices can make a difference when the items are bought in huge numbers regularly. When you join the Literary Guild book club, join Doubleday book club, and the other book clubs, reading simply becomes more satisfying.