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When you want to start making your mark in the social media arena, it is best to start out by listening to conversations that are going on about similar companies to your own or about the market you want to enter. This will give you an understanding of what people are thinking about your company, products and the trends within your target market.

There are a number of different forums and blogs available. Use twitter and Facebook and search keywords related to your business. Once you have located interesting conversations that you feel are aligned with your strategy. You should leave your virtual handshake by leaving pertinent comments and offering feedback.

The secret to make a success out of your social media strategy is to create good content and then to locate all the possible places that would enjoy your content. Spend as much time as possible in these forums. Contributing ideas and commenting on as many articles as possible. Over time you will become an integral part of theses communities.

Social media is not instant or an event, it is a process. Becoming successful with any social media strategy is about commitment and patience. Understand that the work only starts after you have posted the blog or comment. You must promote your blog by connecting with the right people on the right forums. This takes effort and commitment. Do not think that succeeding in social media is just posting great content. It is about listening, contributing and becoming an integral part of the conversation.

Andrew Horton Keynote Motivational Speaker says that there is a real time commitment to become successful with your social media strategy. You must be consistent and post relevant and useful content. You are in effect in a leadership role when you have a significant following via your various social media outlets. You are taking on a great responsibility and must meet your commitment to provide quality content and to always operate with the highest level of integrity.

Becoming successful in the social media arena is not about simply stepping into the conversation and then just fading away, every day. It must be an integral part of your marketing and daily strategy. Social media is about participation and contribution; it is not about taking and offering nothing in return.

When you are contributing to the conversation always be authentic and allow your passion to shine through. Your passion and consistency are two of the key factors required for you to become successful with social media. When you consistently offer authentic and meaningful content, people will soon realize that they can trust you and that your content is of value.

The old school hard selling tactics from the past will most certainly not work in the social media arena. In fact they will probably hurt your business in the long run. Social media is not about pitching for business it is a strategy whereby you listen.

When you listen to the conversation that is going on and you understand the needs within your market. You are able to offer pertinent advice and will eventually be viewed as the expert on that subject. People buy from people they like trust and add value to their lives. Build trust become liked and offer great value and social media will become a fantastic marketing tool for your business.

Share your knowledge and skill with the right people in the right target market and you will not only have an audience. But you will also have a tool for building relationships with people and an opportunity to build trust with potential customers. Social media is merely an additional tool that we can use to grow our businesses. It should be used in conjunction with a number of other strategies to market our businesses.

Study social media and assess how it can be used in your business. The time to enter the social media arena is now. Any social media strategy takes time to develop and implement. Do not wait until it is too late to wake up and start using this incredible tool.

Author: Andrew Horton Keynote Motivational Speaker
Keynote Motivational Speakers

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