Entrepreneurs are a highly talented, curious and creative breed of people. To ensure their passions and talents are not squandered, it is essential they hold themselves accountable to their goals, promises and standards. One of the best ways to build accountability into one's business venture is through joint venture (JV) partnerships. Included below are seven practical, proven practices for building accountability within, and commitment to your business, with a little help from your joint ventures.

Tip #1 - Decide now. Decisions are something that many of us entrepreneurs like to delay. After all, it is much more fun to play... to be creative and paying attention to what is new on the horizon. When you are in a JV, you cannot get away with avoiding decision because you now have more responsibility: for your self, your partner, and your clients, instead of just your self and your clients. This would partly explain why newbie entrepreneurs do not like it when their spouses tell them, "I will believe that you can be successful in your business when I see it." In essence, they do not want to be held accountable. After all, what drew them to self employment in the first place was probably increased personal freedom, including not having a boss breathing down their neck.

Tip #2 - Use metrics. To help you plan, organize, develop and promote your JV's offerings, you need to use metrics like timelines and deadlines, which are included in Microsoft Project and other types of organizing software applications. When you transfer your ideas and information in a tangible, physical form, you clear your mind, which translates to increased creativity, efficiency and productivity for you.

Tip #3 - Position your Joint Venture with passion. Give your JV's target or niche market news about your collective offerings. But first, emotionally connect with your prospects and clients. Position yourself as the number one 'go to' expert for your market by integrating your areas of expertise into your joint communication. Here is an example from my own business: I teach my clients how to customize their marketing and sales to their business (or career) blueprint type, as revealed by their unique fingerprints. When they act on this blueprint, they are able to attract clients more easily, quickly and abundantly.

Tip #4 - Be consistent and persistent. Distribute your ezine or newsletter, post your blog or tweets, in essence communicate with your followers at the same time and frequency: consistently. This communication keeps you on your JV audience's radar. This is important, as timing plays a large part with respect to someone feeling ready and wanting to commit to your offerings. In order for a prospect to become a client with you, she will need to first trust you. Being consistent will help in establishing that trust. Also, be persistent in getting your message out there. Do not look for and wait for validation from your followers, only feedback to see if you are satisfying them. You can do this by adding a line that says something like this at the end of your ezine: "Did you find this article useful? If yes, I would love to know. Simply click here" Also, be sure to always include announcements regarding upcoming events and offerings - even free services like consultations or assessments - you may provide.

Tip #5 - Be personal. When you work with JV partners, there is no hiding from your true self. The beauty of these partnerships is they teach you transparency. With this increased transparency, it becomes that much easier to personalize your in-person and online communication: to share snippets about the authentic you, including success stories and vulnerable moments, while you become further acquainted with your audience through questions you pose to them. After all, showing your humanness is much more attractive than a superficial, made-up version of you.

Tip #6 - Transform pain into pleasure. Deliver a powerful message that you are passionate about, and sell it! Allow me to illustrate: I am highly driven and passionate about teaching passionate entrepreneurs how to monetize their abundant ideas, talents and interests. As such, in my writing and my teachings, I make sure I am consistent with my message: to not settle for less in life. That translates to: doing what you love for a living, working with ideal clients only, and getting paid what you are worth. So, be sure to ask your JV partner to help you experience more pleasure in your work by having her ask you: "Are you having fun? What is more fun for you out of the following options?"

Tip #7 - Challenge yourself. As your JV partner to challenge you on your greatest challenge is, as determined by your Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). You do not know your greatest challenge and/or your MBTI? Then email me at monique(a)energeticevolution.com and I will gladly share those gems with you!

Author's Bio: 

Monique MacKinnon is a globally recognized creativity expert, speaker and ebook author whose specialty is helping passionate entrepreneurs who need more direction, focus and accountability to monetize their abundant ideas, talents and interests. Monique’s work is grounded in both practical and esoteric principles and includes expertise in hand analysis (via http://www.handanalysis.net/) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP via http://www.wel-systems.com/). Monique has 20 years’ experience in marketing, management, training, consulting and coaching.

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