Philanthropy is one of the most complex and generous activity anyone can do for other human beings. In simple and understandable terms, philanthropy is an act of generosity, mainly aimed at placing the needs of other, less fortunate people, before yours. These activities are aimed at helping other people make their lives better, provide them with things they really require in order to meet their needs, be it education or simple shelter, clothing and food. A philanthropist puts all these expenses on themselves in order to help other people lead better lives. This is by provision of generous donations to certain institutions or construction and support of these institutions themselves.

There are not many known philanthropists in the world, mainly because it involves a lot of sacrifice and selflessness in order to better humanity. One of the most famous philanthropist, young and very able, is Jonathan Merage. Jonathan Merage has gained a lot of recognition due to the dedication of his life to helping others better their lives by improving the world. What this means is that the great, young and energetic philanthropist has tried his best to help young and innovative minds to come up with the solutions that most of the world needs, and in the process share, improve and put their knowledge to use while improving their livelihoods. In order to do this, Jonathan Merage came up with one of the best institutions the world has seen before; The Jonathan Merage Foundation.

This foundation has grown to become a home for most bright minds. The institution’s existence aims to improve education, science and research surrounding severe weather, for instance heavy storms. This is one of the ways Jonathan Merage, as a research analyst, tries to help young minds to understand the state of the world around and everything that happens in nature. This institution has gained great respect from the people who have benefited from it and has in turn gained great recognition from other major institutions that have even dedicated their research to the institution’s operations. One of the major institutions that have collaborated with Jonathan Merage Foundation includes the University of Colorado boulder’s College of Engineering and Applied Science. The foundation, in association with the University of Colorado, improved an unmanned aircraft, which should be able to improve how weather-change records are done without risking any human being’s life.

The collaboration of these two major research institutions led to the development of an aircraft that studies the changes in electric fields surrounding lightning strikes. The two also collaborated on a very huge project known as the VORTEX 2 project. This project led to the development and implementation of unmanned vehicles, which will help researchers observe and record data changes around tornadoes, in turn helping them understand these natural events. These types of projects that help scientists understand certain events such as these, are very important to the human race. The detection of the events before they occur will help save very many human lives. Jonathan Merage has dedicated his life to bringing up the most innovative youths to help the world, prevent loss of lives and property.

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