Jonathane Michael Ricci - A lawyer by background, Jonathane Ricci has worked with KPMG, an international accounting and tax management firm, and has worked as a lawyer in his own firms and businesses, and is currently licensed and in good standing in New York and Michigan.

Jonathane Ricci has spent his professional life understanding the basics and fundamentals of Taxation and Asset Protection, and is now sharing that knowledge and experience with his clients by way of offering professional management services worldwide, specifically in the areas of operating businesses, protecting wealth, and buying/selling fine art and like assets.

Jonathane Michael Ricci has some great experience to share with his clients. He began his solo career at Juroviesky & Ricci LLP where he partnered the U.S. side of the law practice. At Juroviesky & Ricci, from 2003 to 2009, Mr. Ricci assisted many Canadian based clients start operations in the United States. When doing this, many consideration are necessary, some being:

(i) What vehicle (company or otherwise) will you operate in the United States?
(ii) What taxes apply to your type of U.S. business?
(iii) How do you earn your income in the United States?
(iv) What expenses are available to offset your gross income so that your net taxable income is lower?
(v) Will you have employees or independent contractors working for you and how will you pay them and deal with corresponding taxes?
(vi) Will you, as a Canadian, be physically in the U.S. overseeing and managing your U.S. based business?
(vii) What U.S. immigration questions and paperwork need to be answered/established for you or another foreign person to be in the U.S. working on your business?
(viii) Will you be bringing funds back into Canada after you earn them?
(ix) What are the tax implications of having funds cross borders?

So, as you can see, there are many variables to operating a business in a country or jurisdiction other than your home, and you must consider all aspects and plan carefully. Mr. Ricci has the experience to share pitfalls and successes with you, so that you make your journey as successful as can be. Another aspect is something called an ‘exit strategy’. What if you want to stop operating your business in the U.S.? What are your options? Maybe selling your business, winding it down, and terminating it. Considerations are taxation, asset protection, liability prevention, costs, and alternative plans as to what you may do now.

Mr. Jonathane Ricci can truly provide management services to his clients around their wealth in a way that is different from other service providers in the market. Jonathane Ricci Lawyer can share many of his client experiences and his own best practices with you to offer unique professional management service experiences that you can not get anywhere else.

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