Beware Of This Weight Loss Story - It Is Probably a Liar!
I am writing this article to inform you that you should not listen to Jorge Castro's weight loss story. If you are still interested in taking the story on its face value, you may be wasting your time.
My son is one of the people who had been in touch with Jorge Castro. We had read all of his articles and then decided that we wanted to give him a try. We were wrong.
The thing is, we started out as, you guessed it, a small amount of money. His stories were very interesting and that made him very appealing.
However, it soon became apparent that these were not short-term methods for weight loss. He would be selling his stories to us. Then he would get rich from our sales of these short-term methods.
This is not to say that he did not share information about the Metropolitian diet. But he also made certain promises and he was totally vague on the actual number of pounds that would be lost. I was not even that sure that I would lose one pound a week with his system.
But he was very optimistic and gave good reasons for doing the Metropolitian diet. You see, he knew that there are certain food groups that could help you lose weight. For example, the milk group could help you lose weight.
So when he started out selling his system, he thought that he was doing something good. It was only once he got enough of the system that he began to realize that he had been duped. Once he figured out that the other information that he had given was untrue, he felt betrayed and then he was stuck with a weight loss system that he would never use.
When I first heard about him, I immediately called one of my best friends, another MLM practitioner, and she was very upset and told me that she had also used this person. I was so upset that I stopped using him because I did not want to waste my time on a system that was simply going to get me into the ground. I know for a fact that he has now stopped working.
Not only that, but he has a high possibility of faking information in order to sell more MLM. Again, if you are interested in making money with MLM, it would not hurt to go check out the background of the person you are considering. If they have a long list of complaints against them, you will know that they are going to be lying about a lot of things.
So, please do not take Jorge garcia weight loss story on its face value. Please exercise some caution and investigate other sources before you buy their products.
The biggest benefit is that by losing a few pounds with the system, you will look great. That is a real weight loss story worth telling!

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