The corporate world is a stressful and demanding place. Climbing the corporate ladder is something everyone strives to do but only a few actually achieve. Starting and running a successful business is something millions dream of doing but only a few accomplish. In such an environment, spirituality, peace of mind, a feeling of brotherhood and harmonious ways of working is given very little and in some cases no importance. However, Joseph Bismark has managed to prove that spirituality and business can go hand in hand. A member of the board of directors the QI Group of Companies, he is currently working with Qnet which is the main subsidiary of the group. He has taken Qnet to new heights of success through his innovative ways and enduring spirit. This dynamic entrepreneur has managed to captivate millions with his unusual approach to business and highly profitable ideas.

Joseph Bismark, at the tender age of nine, left the luxuries of a comfortable home and good food for the life of a monk in an ashram in the mountains of the Philippines. His life journey began thus, and he spent time in the ashram till he was seventeen. On returning he entered the corporate world but with whatever he learnt at the ashram strongly imbibed within him. He practiced business using the principles he learnt during his stay in the mountains which helped him in carving a unique position for himself in the industry. In December 2008 assumed the title of Managing Director for the QI Group of Companies and has been instrumental in founding Qnet. He is also an active member as well as cofounder of the RHYTHM foundation which is the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) arm of the company. He is a man who believes in strength of team working and is vision oriented. He believes that the power to excel resides in everyone; all they need is a helping hand or encouraging push. He understands the integrities of running a business and wants people to grow along with him and the company. These qualities have made him the most favored manager of Qnet with a number of employees singing his praise.

Joseph Bismark’s simple way of life, grounded nature and humility has enabled him to taste success without changing his core values. He treats success as a temporary state; something which has been instrumental in making him a positive and forward thinker. He treats his employees with respect and encourages a feeling of brotherhood. He has become a source of inspiration to millions around the world. His views and actions constantly reflect his early life experiences and show us that success is not measured solely by material achievements but also by spiritual awakening, inner peace and meaningful selfless service. His philanthropic nature can be seen through his association with a number of organizations and his relentless work with the RHYTHM foundation. Currently based of out Singapore, Joseph Bismark continues to influence the masses around him through his blogs, books and hard work.

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