Writing one of the fundamental means of communication. We use it to connect with family, friends, co-workers near and far. Communication is paramount to understanding, growth, peace, etc. We acknowledge that without communication the flow of life simple couldn’t exist. But what about communication and connecting with the inner self? In essence the inner self is the universal compass that guides and directs us from a deep wellspring of knowledge and wisdom. However, for some there needs to be "evidence" of the inner self. One of the many ways to "see" the inner self is through the healing art form of journaling from within. The practice journaling is under-rated and the word is over used, so much so that just the mention of journaling and some people will g in the other direction. By using this technique you create a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere that allows the inner self to flow freely. In addition, it produces self-reflective opportunities-opportunities to go "behind the scenes" of the sub-conscious. We as humans have taken some incredible journeys in this life, why not record them?!

Connecting with the inner self through journaling is sacred and quite honestly a serious matter. These are your moments, your struggles, triumphs, revelations, unveiling, your progress, and your evolution. If you don’t view it as sacred and guard it as such, no one else will. Journaling from within is the mirror of you...

Below are simply suggestions to aid you on your path.

Before you begin...
1. Select a blank notebook/writing pad that you can dedicate to journaling. As the appreciation and value of journaling develops, purchasing a journal may become an option.
2. Locate a timer/stop watch
2. Create a space that’s quiet for the time you will be writing.
3. Incorporate a separation activity to detach from any activity previously engaged in prior to journaling and to open and prepare the mind.
• Take three deep cleansing breathes
• Moment of silence
• Brief meditation
Create your own! During the separation activity give your mind "permission" to flow. Decide to embrace the progress and unearthing that may take place.

4. Determine if music will aid you or if it will hinder. In some cases silence can be a distraction.
5. Set the timer/stop watch for 5mins
This journal technique is free writing; the "rules" are;
1. Write for the entire 5mins. (the time can be a short as 3 mins but no longer than 5 min is suggested)
2. Resist the urge to go back and correct spelling and/or grammatical errors, this is not important.
3. Record EVERYTHING that comes to your mind. I.e. if "I don’t know what to write!" comes to mind, write “I don’t know what to write!"

The intent is to open the gates of the mind...allow it free. No restrictions, no barriers! After the 5mins is up go back and re-read what you've written. There may be something that stands out. Something that’s beginning to be uncovered. If that’s the case (and you feel comfortable moving forward), use that to focus write off of. Example; if the words "fallen deeper" stands out use them as prompt words. The writing exercise should revolve around those words. This has a peeling back of layers effect.

Author's Bio: 

Nada (Crystal Mitchell) is an intuitive writer, speaker, and soul evolutionist. She has been on a spiritual journey that has permanently changed her perception on the awareness, understanding and respect of Self and the Reality. The role of the woman’s influence and strength as co-creators of nations has also been deeply clarified and embraced. Her transformation is continual and made possible through gaining strength from the Eternal Source of all things. Love, hope, and unity is the core of her being and the foundational elements of peace, peace within Self and humanity.