There are benefits to being able to express our inner-most thoughts and feelings that exceed even our wildest expectations. We tend to think of such expressions as part of a counseling session. What if you could venture into your soul without someone sitting across from you? What if you could say those things that you’ve never before said and know that it was safe to do so?

Not everyone likes the idea of seeing a psychologist or other such professional. I see many people for tarot readings for that very reason. Even in my alternative version of counseling, there are still things that people are afraid to say. There are individuals who want to work out things in their lives, but for whatever reason, a traditional approach is not for them.

Because I know the challenges of wanting to express one’s self and feeling better if I can work things out for myself, I wrote Journaling – A Workbook. It is available in print or via download on Kindle. It is a simple, easy-to-follow way of working out many of the issues we may face in our lives. The hectic western society pushes us to stay in constant motion. There is no time to contemplate our place in this world, let alone how we feel about it. Journaling is a way to delve into our deeper selves in a safe environment.

A journal does not judge what you write in it. It does not give you a strange look because you are saying something that is not in line with mainstream society. A journal will keep your secrets as well as you keep it. Everyone has something that they cannot seem to express to another human being. Your journal is a willing recipient to such confessions.

Sometimes all we need is an idea, a little nudge to help us get started. The workbook is just such a tool. It gives you ideas, hints, starting points for beginning your journaling adventure, all without dictating what you must do. Journaling should be a comfortable experience. It should be something that you enjoy doing. Yes, it may open up things you thought were long dormant, but even there is the opportunity to grow as a person and heal old wounds.

However you wish to start your journaling, do so in a safe environment. Keep your thoughts in a place where you can express them, be it pen and paper, or electronic. The only way to truly benefit from journaling is to be able to lay any words to the page without fear of judgment. If you begin with a safe way to journal, the rest will fall into place much more easily.

Author's Bio: 

A professional Tarot Consultant and Life Counselor, Gigi Miner resides in Upstate NY having published two novels and several workbooks, including a Journaling workbook, and has written many articles on Tarot and Spirituality for numorous newsletters over the years.