Journaling on a regular basis is an opportunity to get into your inner life and understand what motivates you, what helps you, where you come from, and how your thought patterns are configured. Journaling helps us understand what's really going on inside of us, so we can get past all the baggage that we've been carrying around and perceive our true, authentic healthy self: the one that we came into this world with.

Journaling for the Health Of It ™ is a program that focuses on this healing capacity of a journaling practice. If you come down with a physical ailment, journaling can be a crucial part of your speedy recovery.

An infection, a rash, muscle pains, headaches, and many other afflictions that commonly strike people often have their origin in stress. Journaling allows you to discover the psychic source of the disorder.

If you're experiencing a physical problem of any sort, try this: sit down every day with your journal and have a dialog with the disorder. Talk to your eczema, your lower back pain, your shingles, or your headache. Ask it questions and listen to its responses. As you write out the conversation, you open yourself to amazing discoveries about assumptions you subconsciously make and old irrational fears that continue to enslave you.

Stress is not always obvious. It can thrive below the surface, even though it seems that nothing in particular is bothering you. We carry around messages from our past that may keep us from complete health. The subconscious can be at the root of physical dis-ease even though your external life seems to be in order.

You can uncover these buried stress points by journaling. The process is a way to clean up your energy system, by getting your thoughts, emotions, and underlying premises out on the paper where you can see them and deal with them in a much more concrete way.

For many years, as adults, we live mostly in our heads, and we become disconnected from our bodies. Sickness is often a wake-up call, reminding us to pay attention to other parts of our selves.

When this happens, we're often amazed to find all the inner junk from long ago still weighing us down. So much of what we took in as children gets stuck in our energy systems. Some of it is still useful, but a great deal can be cleaned out with patient journaling.

The great thing is that journaling lets us see how much native strength and power we do have. It allows us to get really clear about our personal energy, letting us focus on the best place to turn for help.

As humans, we are whole, we are perfect, but we are often not connected to that wholeness. Journaling is a really smart and easy way to connect all the parts of ourselves, so that we can begin to heal.

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By Mari L. McCarthy - Journal / Writing Therapist. Are you looking for more information on journaling and its therapeutic effects? Please visit and my blog at My trademarked program, Journaling for the Health of It! TM, helps my clients live healthier and happier lives. Learn more about Journaling for the Health of It ™ in a private writing session.