This message and journey was guided by Adama and is completely saturated in Sacred energy and Love both from myself, the Angels and the people of Telos. Enjoy!

Note: This entry was initially an audio recording. You can listen to the audio version at, and please scroll down a little to “Discussions with Adama and the Telosians,” where there is an audio player. That’s the following meditation. Thank you!

(Also please note that when you are working in a magnified way with Nature and Angels for sacred space, please release them afterwards!) =-)

Create the Space:

Feel into the space in the room around you. Ask the Nature Spirits who are vibrating at Unconditional Love or higher to come forward. Ask the rest to step back. Ask the Nature Spirits of the land directly beneath your room who are at what they would consider Unconditional Love or higher to come forward. Ask the Spirits to form a sphere set at unconditional love. Ask Nature to fill the sphere, Nature which is the first dimensional energies of Divine Mother. Connect with Archangel Michael as he appears magnified in 1st and 2nd dimensions of Nature as a blue pyramid pointing down and a second pyramid going up through sun, and then to the Central Sun. Your sacred space is created.


The one who has forward is Adama of Telos. Adama has a very gentle energy. Intend now to feel into his energy, and he’ll be with you personally as you do this. Adama is a being of great light, the highest light. Adama is a priest of Lemuria, which represents the vibration of the Divine Mother. You may also have personal spirit guides who come from this place . Adama would like you to feel a flower blooming within the center of your chest, and this flower represents Eternal Light. See it in your mind’s eye, and feel it blossoming. Feel the golden energy of life around it. Give it your blessing and your love.

Journey to a Meeting in Telos:

Allow your consciousness to sink down, as if you were floating, slowly, gently, under the ground beneath you, and you’re floating into a different dimension – you’re floating to Telos, the City of Light . Feel yourself land softly there. Once again feel the quality of the space around you, and the quality of the ground beneath you, and the space above you. You’re in a very safe container. Now imagine that you are standing on your feet in Telos, and looking around, and somewhere in this city is a friend, a soul friend that you know very well. I’d like to ask you, by feeling into the space around you with your heart, as if your heart could look around, to find the vibration of this individual. Once you’ve found his person, ask them to come near you, and welcome them into your Light. They may take your hand. My guide has taken my right hand and placed it up against her cheek and laid her head against my hand. Your guide may do something different to acknowledge you, or simply place their hand over your heart chakra, and they’ll feel your heart beating and listen to your heart.


It looks like a group of people have shown up for a gathering – a very special and sacred space. Among this gathering are many souls you know well over ages and ages of time for the life of your soul. Feel how familiar they are, feel how familiar the space is – it feels just right, like home. And there’s even children here in the gathering. A lot of these are the crystal and indigo children incarnating on the earth and children from other cities of Light who have come to learn of the ways of other people. So this is a gathering of community, of many sparks of light who’ve come home – a space where they can feel at home and in their element, and in their joy. Let’s all feel that joy, let’s feel the joy; let it permeate all the cells in your body. And I can feel you all as you permeate the air in the room with your light – it’s very beautiful.

We’ve a lot of people with us, a lot of individuals who are exhilarated to be present, just as I am. I’m going to take a minute and thank very person who’s arrived, for your kind acknowledgment of the space that we’ve created. Thank you.

Some people are not quite present. Some people are a little bit outside the range of us – but they’re kind of in the shadow, kind of listening in. As if they are hesitant or afraid. But don’t be – don’t be afraid. There’s nothing here that can cause any damage or hardship for you. Nothing at all. It’s all Love.

What a wondrous way to express oneself. It get’s better, it always gets better – it never goes down, so just embrace the good feeling that you have. If you could trace the most exquisite emotion you’ve experienced in your lifetime, I want you to come and bring that here. Okay? The most exquisite of all feelings. I have mine. I’ll give you a minute to feel that, and when you have it, I want you to give it Light.

Now just rest in that energy for a while, rest in that energy for a while. Feel it’s warmth. Now take it and fill the whole Globe with your bright light, until it reaches it’s capacity, as much as it can take – and then, give it a little extra. Because you know, when we feel all at once the chorus of light energies feeding the planet with Love, it generates a ripple effect amongst all the planetary systems everywhere. It gives them greater life and increased life experience. And then that ripple effect continues and continues forever and ever.

I want you to continue vibrating this essence out into the planet, with all of your companions here with us in Telos, and just let it keep on growing . There’s no end to this – it continues and continues always. Think about that. Think about that!

I want you to imagine with me – I want you to imagine a well of water. And I want you to imagine that you can feel the depth of the water. As if you could extend your awareness clear down to the very bottom. Do that now. When you feel yourself hit the bottom, in your consciousness, let the well contain everything you wish you didn’t have in your awareness . Let it have it, let it have it. This well represents how far you are willing to go with your emotions and feeling them. Okay? So when you’re in the well, you’re just remembering – you’re remembering parts of you that didn’t have access to the understanding that you have now. And so we’re going to carefully and gently call up what you’re ready to let go of, and bring into the light, as if you were lifting it from the well at the bottom and letting it float until it reaches the surface of the water. And then when it touches the air, it vibrates so high that it becomes Light. It releases the weight and it floats all the way up past the water into the Central Sun, which is unconditional Light and Love.
And now bring your consciousness back down from the Central Sun, and look down at that well, and sit on it’s edge. Okay? You’ve climbed out and you’re sitting beside the well. And you know the well is not a scary place. You saw the bottom. You touched it, and then you rose back up, and you left the well. That means the well is You. It’s you.


Now feel the vibrance in your space. Come a little bit back to the body, in the room where you are. Okay? You’re still connected in with the class underground, but, now you have your awareness focused right where you are sitting, in the chair that you’re in. Okay? Now, I want you to begin to prepare for closure. Prepare for letting us go, for the time being. Releasing us.

Releasing the vibration that you expressed inside the classroom with us, floating back up – imagine that piece of you that was underground in Telos floating back up, back up into your physical self. Now, for a minute, notice the room around you, notice how it feels, the quality, notice if it feels different, any lighter to you.

And once you’ve got that, release the Nature Spirits who have been holding the space. Release the Nature Spirits from the land beneath from holding their space. Let go of your conscious connection to Michael the Archangel, bringing his 4-sided pyramid down from Central Sun and sun, and up from the land beneath from Nature and the Nature Spirits there, thanking him for holding your space. There we go!

So now we’re going to say goodbye, but we’re still going to be with you in Spirit . Acknowledge us when we come into your thoughts periodically, to help you on your way. We are so appreciative of you, we love you, we carry you in our hearts. Please welcome Spirit. And soon, the vibration of Spirit will engage you with us on a regular basis. So know that we’re here and that we care, we can feel you. Goodbye.

[All writings copyright Erin Mackley 2010. Distribute freely but please do not alter text. Blessings.]

Author's Bio: Erin Mackley offers Spiritual Direction (assisting one to unfold to their relationship with the Divine) with channeling and energy therapy. These things in combination assist individuals to clear their own energy fields and meet their personal, material and spiritual goals. She is a certified Reiki Master, StarFire animal healer, and has also trained with numerous spiritual teachers and healers. She interacts with the inter-dimensional aspects of consciousness, including Archangels, Divine Masters, and Nature Spirits to help clients heal and awaken. She is gifted with the capacity to convey blessings from the soul that awaken one's awareness to a greater or deeper purpose, as well as remove what is blocking one energetically from full expression of their purpose. Erin is available for private sessions as well as working with groups and children.