Success is something we seek naturally. No one likes or wishes to be unsuccessful. However, true success is an entirely personal matter, and depends exclusively upon us. True success always brings joy, inner peace and growth with it. The more joy and peace we have in our lives, the greater the success.

Success isn't primarily based on the things you own or on the social acceptance you have. What's the use of having something if it isn't something that truly fulfills you and brings you joy?

Unfortunately, it seems few people think this way. Look around you. Look at the number of people who seem to have everything one would want, and yet...something is desperately missing.


Many have been creating wealth their whole lives, simply in order to prove their worth to someone else, without paying attention to their heart desires and higher visions.

Success isn't something that can be determined by other people's standards; only you can do this.

You are the only person who knows your circumstances, your heart desires, and the possibilities open to you at any point in time. Only you know if you're truly successful or not.

You can make the whole world believe that you're something you're not, but when you stand in front of the mirror, the person reflected in it always knows the truth. Only you are in touch with your own feelings, which clearly show you where you stand on the path of personal and spiritual growth.

While one person may feel that success means becoming the president of a country, someone else might feel successful if they're able to create three extra hours during the day to do as they please, and even do nothing if they wish. While one person feels that success is becoming a millionaire, another sees a stable and fulfilling family life as the peak of success.

We are all as different as we are similar. And that's wonderfully okay.


The only measure of true success in your life is the amount of joy you feel every day.

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