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We feel proud to tell our customers that our Led copter is the Original copter made from the best materials available. The Original copter has the highest flights up to 200 feet. No other led copter can go this high. Our Viper launcher with its seven inch red rubber band is also the best launcher on the market. Our Led light is the brightest you will ever see on any copter. We also have multiple wing designs so every Original copter looks different coming down from the sky. Many people have tested and researched Led Flying Copters and all have found that our whistle copter and Original Copter are by far the best LED Copters in the world.

Many adults as well as children have felt the joy when using the original copter because it attains a height of 200 feet then it descends slowly so you can catch the Original copter and launch it again. If your Copter does not say Original copter or Whistle copter do not buy it because it is a copy and will not fly as high or last as long as our copters do. Simply said; we have the very best copter.

Our original copter or whistle copter have had many reviews and all have said that they are the best-led copters in the market.

Our competitors typically copy us when they make their copters but use cheaper quality materials and sell their LED copter at low prices. But our regular customers clearly know that we make our products with high-quality materials and we are selling our products at reasonable prices. And they also know that durability is the main quality of our products. Our original copter or whistle copters are made from the best materials and they look like a rocket copter flying in the sky.

Parents are well aware that the age of childhood is fleeting and never can be repeated. Let your inner child and your child play with our Original copter or Whistle copter so you can enjoy this part of life to the fullest. We will give you a guarantee that our toys will keep your kids mentally strong and fit as well as healthy. Let our whistle copter and original copter light up your life like fireworks in the sky !

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Hi, When I was a kid then I like to play with an original copter in the night time and I feel pleasure.

Original copter is great entertainment for kids and I will recommend this for all kids.