If you're like most people who want a career in music as a professional musician, the first question you might ask: "What do I have to do?" This is because you are not sure what you have to do first, second, third, etc. And it seems obvious that you literally must do things in order to keep going and build a successful career as a musician.

It does not matter if you are starting or if you already have some experience in the music industry, there are important steps you must take and many things you have to do to develop a career in music. Knowing this, the order in which you take those steps will make a big difference in the results you will have.

Juan Sanchez, a renowned music composer and pianist started out his career in dramatic fashion. He had an inspiration to the play the piano at the age of 14 and discovered his passion for music. He started out on the keyboard, jamming with different bands in the era of 80’s and late 90’s

After pursuing professional education in music from London, Sanchez dabbled in electronic music and got his first breakthrough creating multimedia music and different libraries for producers. It should be noted that Sanchez always excelled as a music composer and he established his company in 2006 called Equinox Sounds.

Sanchez excelled as a music composer and sound designer. But he felt that his heart laid with becoming a professional pianist. It was his dream that he fulfilled later after lounging and learning from multiple talented musicians and composers.

The musician dealt with bouts of negativity and lack of ability in his self. He wrote, “I had always dreamed about becoming a professional pianist and composer, but I didn’t have the confidence to pursue this dream, as I felt that this was only for very talented musicians and I did not see myself in that way. I thought that, if I were to create music, nobody would want to listen to it – or worse, that they would listen to it and wonder why I had bothered to create music in the first place.”

However, things turned out for Sanchez after he discovered Ludovico Einaudi and Max Ritcher who served as a replete source of inspiration for him. Sanchez discovered a belonging to ambient music and understood that this is the area where he could excel the most.

He started practicing on his piano music, discovered and met various others artist and put in real hard work and grind in the studio. This all led to “Rebirth”, an album that rose to instant success with 800,000 streams on Spotify. It is also being used as a background music in many educational videos based on COVID-19 on the platform of YouTube.

Juan Sanchez on Things you should do right now to start musical career

  • Do not go over board

Focusing on who you should become first is more important to your long-term career than focusing on "what to do." Don't rush the first step to get to the second quicker. The person you are going to become greatly influences the results you will get when you are busy doing future work.

  • Inspect your expectations

What do you expect from yourself? What do you expect from life? What do you expect from others? Your whole life so far reflects your own expectations. Only you control your expectations. Only you can choose to expect great things from yourself, your life and your surroundings – and when you do this, you will be ready for the next step in starting your musical career.

  • Demand and order

Expecting great things for yourself and life is an important step, but expectations have no real power until you demand and command from yourself what is necessary to move forward, no matter what obstacles, challenges, fears, and delays you may encounter in your way.

Sanchez believes, “even more important is to demand and order more of yourself when everything is OK. Success usually causes a loss of momentum. This happens to people who don't have a true success mindset but have seen success in the short term.”

 When you have a successful mindset, you will maintain high levels of demand and order in your life in any situation. This is the key to long-term success in a music career (especially in the music industry).

How do other people perceive you? Do they see you as someone reserved, quiet, introverted, and remote? Or do they know you as someone so full of passion, intensity, and dedication that they can see flames of fire burning from your skull? You already know that passion is the fuel that keeps your actions going to propel you to where you want to be.

Beyond this obvious point is another important part. When you are on fire, other people are drawn to you, what you do and what you have to offer. Highly successful people have an intensity that many people do not.

Many successful people will be looking for this quality in you as an indication of the potential you can have to be successful. This is especially true when you meet a person for the first time who may be in a position of power to help or harm you in your music career.

And of course, be careful not to imply that you are arrogant or detestable. Show your attitude of expectation, confidence, passion, dedication, and conviction.

  • Be consistent

Aim to align all (or almost all) of your daily thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, plans, and actions with what you want to be, do, and have. Although it seems obvious, very few people really focus on this in their daily lives.

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