Few people know that after a flame-throwing tank ignited the flammable tear gas in the Branch Davidian compound to murder them, that the records were stored in the Federal Murrah Building in Oklahoma City and the BATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) did a ‘drill’ with explosives placed on supporting pillars under the building that were found after one or more did not go off. Bill Clinton’s government murdered the Branch Davidians AND the those in the Day Care Center and Federal Building. And Bill Clinton used that event to hype the need to expand BATF into FEMA which was doing a drill in NYC at the World Trade Center on 9-11. Each event gets bigger and what’s impending will be HUGE.

Judgment Impending on S.Cal & US as Gov Plans ‘Drill’—AZ Preps for Exodus of 400,000 in Major Quake that Bears the Message: Fear God; it’s Judgment Time & Bridegroom Comes based on http://www.wnd.com/2018/05/arizona-preps-for-california-exodus-if-major-...

The AZ Dept of Emergency has been planning this week’s National Mass Care Exercise for nearly a year in connection with FEMA (Google) But the record of ‘coincidences’ when drills become the real thing means people in California ought to prep, especially with timing that fits Bible prophecy re May 31, says Dr. Richard Ruhling, author of The Alpha & Omega Bible Code.

He says an earthquake is encoded in Revelation as a lion’s roar. “The Lord will roar…the earth shall shake,” Joel 3:16. He is the Lion of Judah, Rev 5:5. Earthquake is also encoded as a knock for the church of Laodicea, Revelation 3. Historically, that church ended in an earthquake in 63 AD, but “history repeats” and Laodicea means “people judging”—laos and dicea—decree.

The Bible describes that church as focused on material things like western Christianity today, and the earthquake will end that focus as it initiates the end-time “day of the Lord” (Joel 2:10,11) and the trumpet plagues of Revelation 8:5,6 will follow, says Ruhling who explains…

The apostle Paul wrote that “day of the Lord comes as a thief in the night when they shall say, ‘Peace and safety,’ sudden destruction comes.” 1Thess 5. The UN included the words ‘Peace and safety’ in their theme for 2017.

The biblical end-times are like a harvest of grain, but the question from Christ’s teaching is, “Will we be wheat or tares (weeds)”? Coming events will draw people either toward God or drive them away from Him, depending on our understanding—is God good, wise, also merciful to forgive our sins if we repent, even helping us live well? We need to see that He is all this and more with a provision for our salvation in spite of woes and ‘beast’ powers in Revelation.

On the other hand, God’s judgments will drive away those who are bent on doing life their own way with no interest in repentance. Millions will die as the end-times of Revelation unfold.

The good news is a parallel time to when God “executed judgment” on Egypt and took Israel to a covenant by which they became His kingdom and bride. Egypt killed babies; the US has aborted 60 million. Egypt enslaved Israel. The US has enslaved most people in alcohol, tobacco, drugs, food, fashion, fiction, gambling, greed, ‘music,’ sex, perversion, porn, TV, violence, etc.

In the economic collapse that will follow the earthquake, the gods of many will disappear, but the best destiny is for those who are ready and seeking a covenant relationship like Israel had when they became God’s kingdom in Exodus 19. This is the “gospel of the kingdom” that has not been understood, and which most people are not ready for.

The three wedding parables all show a sudden calamity beyond which there is no time to get ready. The midnight cry in Matthew 25 was an echo of calamity in Egypt (Exod 12:29,30) when Israel was ready with “loins girded” (Exod 12:11), ready to leave Egypt as people in southern California may need to leave, imagery in the wedding parable, Luke 12:35-37. If I lived in S. Cal, I would withdraw bank $ and head to a small town in AZ with PC, valuables.

The ‘knock’ in verse 36 is the earthquake like the Laodicean Church ended and the timing is Passover also seen by clues of ‘watch’ (vs 37)—Passover was the only night that being awake was required (Exod 12:10; Matt 26:38-41) But Passover is past, why May 31?

Christ’s last seven parables ALL fit a provision in biblical law for Passover a month later, “as the days of Noah” when the Flood came in the 2nd spring month, Gen 7. After Christ cited Noah, “THEN (same time) shall…one be taken, the other left (martial law, FEMA?) Matt 24:37-40.

When women missed the wedding, Christ said, You don’t [understand, Greek word eido] because it’s like a man traveling to a far country. Israelites didn’t travel in winter, and if they took a long journey in spring and couldn’t get back for Passover, they kept it the 2nd month, Numbers 9:10,11; Matthew 25:13,14. That clue links the last two parables.

Rome changed the Bible’s calendar so that the new moon has no relationship to the new month and they celebrated Easter (and Jews celebrated Passover) a month early at the end of March, but the new moon that started the month came in winter before the equinox. The end of April was the biblical time for Passover. Wednesday night, May 30 is the eve of 2nd Passover.

Churches should be open to celebrate communion, encouraging members to “watch and pray” as Christ said. And if He ‘knocks’ with an earthquake, we “open unto Him immediately” with the wedding feast of betrothal so that He doesn’t get an ignorant bride as God got at Sinai.

Since Passover includes the 7-day Feast of Unleavened Bread that Christ initiated at the Last Supper (imagery in the wedding parable, Luke 12:37) we should keep that feast if there’s an earthquake, but not with communion wafers. Christ said, Beware the leaven of the Pharisees, speaking of their teachings. Church leaders have leavened the Bread, skipping Passover, etc.

For the 7 days of unleavened teachings, there are 7 topics that have a 7-fold emphasis in the Bible. For example, Christ said before He comes, Elijah “must first come and restore all things” (Matt 17:11) and Elijah’s coming is seen in the context of the law—statutes in Malachi 4:4,5. They have a 7-fold emphasis in Ezekiel 20:11-24 where they are also linked to sabbaths.

Those topics have a contextual link to the seals in Revelation 6. For example, when John heard thunder in verse 1, thunder is linked to God’s name in John 12:28,29 and Rev 14:1,2. If there’s a huge earthquake, please visit http://GodsName1stSeal.wordpress.com and the next topic is linked from the bottom of each previous topic, or get a copy of The Earthquake & 7 Seals at https://amzn.to/2jm0ReN It’s free this Saturday, May 26.

If you don’t do Kindle, Amazon also offers a free app to read the ebooks on your pc (saves cost and postage)
There could also be a significant event Saturday, May 26 as a sign of impending calamity, because that’s the 10th day from the new moon crescent. The 10th day was when Noah entered the ark and animals also went in—it was a sign then; let’s see what Saturday brings.

The apostle Paul who wrote half the New Testament said, “Follow me as I follow Christ.” 1Cor 11:1. We should all be able to say that. I’m saying it now because I’m seeing a bigger picture than the preacher who didn’t tell you how to be protected by ‘watching’ May 31, Rev 3:3.

The message of the earthquake includes “the Bridegroom comes—go ye OUT to meet Him.” Out of the fallen churches that are not open to the truths in The Earthquake & 7 Seals by which we must be sealed (Revelation 7) in order to be ready for the rest of what’s coming.

One last thing. When the King makes a marriage for His Son in Matthew 22, He sends His servants to bid others to the feast. We either share with others what we know as we get ready, or we are not sure and want to ‘wait and see,’ but this takes no faith. We should urge others to be ready as I’m suggesting.

Sharing this information qualifies us in the Matthew 22 parable. Acting on light brings more...The wedding parables offer the key to being “ruler over all that He has” Luke 12:44....See you at the top! Richard Ruhling

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